Big Bundle - Jeep Hardtop Removal Tool/Cover, Store-A-Door Cart/Cover, Door Lift Attachment

Big Bundle - Jeep Hardtop Removal Tool/Cover, Store-A-Door Cart/Cover, Door Lift Attachment

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Door Carts are currently sold out.
Door Carts are expected to arrive back in stock late February 2022 and will ship separate from the other items in this bundle.

Bundle Includes:

  • TopLift Pro Hardtop Removal Tool
  • Door Cart
  • Door Lift Attachment
  • TopLift Pro Cover 
  • Door Cart Cover

TopLift Pro: Single person operation Jeep hardtop removal tool and door storage device. Your final answer when it comes to the easiest solution to your Jeep JK, JL and other models in removing your hardtop and going topless. No other tool on the market is as reliable or simple to use. Limited Lifetime Warranty gives you peace of mind and a team of support you deserve.

Works on:

  • 2007-Present Jeeps (JK, JL)
  • 2 and 4 door Jeeps
  • Lifted and stock Jeeps
  • Fully adjustable from a stock Jeep to virtually any lifted Jeep on the market

Door Cart: The most efficient and easy-to use door cart storage system on the planet. Securely stores 2 or 4 doors. Keeps your doors off the floor and free from damage. Easy mobility with cart's 360 casters. 

Door Lift Attachment: Attaches directly into your TopLift Pro hardtop removal tool. By installing the lift attachment to your TLP unit, you have the power and freedom to remove and install without help. Helps guard against clashes with the hinge and pin when installing.

Covers: Made of high-grade UV resistant material protecting your TopLift Pro tools. Covers the entire lift and straps at the base securing the cover on.



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