3 Things To Know About Driving Your Jeep With the Doors Off

3 Things To Know About Driving Your Jeep With the Doors Off - TopLift Pros

The Wrangler and Gladiator are two automobiles with quite a nifty trick up their sleeves; with the help of a dependable hoist, these cars can shed their roof and door components to provide a unique, open-air driving experience. Read on to learn the three most important things to know about driving your Jeep with the doors off.

Proper Driving Behaviors

While driving without doors on your Jeep vehicle is entirely legal and secure, you must take a few extra precautions to ensure a safe ride. First and foremost, remember to reattach your rearview mirrors after the door removal process – some drivers skip this part, especially if they only plan to drive on off-roading trails. However, regardless of your environment, your Jeep automobile needs its rearview mirrors to guarantee safe visibility and legality.

Additionally, consider driving more cautiously than normal when cruising without doors. Due to the Jeep’s shorter wheelbase, these vehicles are prone to flipping, mainly when turning at high speeds. Give your vehicle plenty of space between other cars when on the road, and take each turn with care and attention. By driving a bit more cautiously, you can eliminate some of the inherent risks of open-air Jeeping.

Door Storage Considerations

Taking the doors off your Jeep vehicle and hitting the streets or trails for open-air driving is a fun and carefree experience. But before you can fully enjoy this unique experience, ensure your recently-removed door components are properly stored and ready for your return.

We recommend stashing your Jeep components within secure enclosures to reduce atmospheric impacts on the quality of your doors. Additionally, keep your doors off of the floor to avoid water damage and other physical harm. Ideally, you should use a mobile Jeep door storage cart to ensure superior security and accessibility. These devices are great for any garage space and even on-the-go use!

Plan for Poor Weather

Sometimes the perfect day of off-roading in the sun gets ruined by surprise poor weather conditions, from extreme downpours to intense UV exposure. Keeping your roof on the Jeep vehicle can help provide extra protection from the elements, but sometimes you need some additional help to ensure an enjoyable experience.

For example, installing aftermarket half doors onto your Jeep vehicle can help keep you and your passengers more comfortable amid extreme conditions. Half doors are typically easy to install and add a distinct and aggressively cool look to your automobile. Consider checking the weekly forecast well before your open-air driving excursion to ensure you avoid a storm or a sweltering afternoon.

These three things to know about driving your Jeep with the doors off can enhance the driving experience for you and your passengers. Plus, these tips help increase safety, ensuring better protection for your well-being. Check out our helpful Jeep door and roof storage solutions here at TopLift Pros!