Q. Can this remove the top with a Spiderweb sun shade attached?

A. Yes, the TopLift Pro should not interfere with a Spiderweb sun shade because the lift is applied to the very rear, underside of the top.

Q. Is this for two-door Jeeps®?

A. Yes, the TopLift Pro works with two-door and four-door Jeeps®.

Q. Will this work with lifted Jeeps®?

A. Yes, our hardtop hoist is fully adjustable in two separate areas for maximum usage with suspension wheel combinations on lifted Jeeps®.

Q. Does it come with any warranty?

A. Yes, we have a 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Q. Will it fit in my garage?

A: Yes, after removing your top you will be able to roll the entire unit into your garage – no problem. You may even lower to approximately 69 inches in stock position for clearance. Then raising to OVER 84 inches and higher for Jeep® hardtop storage height.

Q. What about using this portable unit with a rough driveway, such as pavers?

A. No problem – our casters are designed for ease of rolling about, even on paver driveways.

Q. Couldn't I just get a hand crank-style winch?

A: Hand crank style winches should NOT be used. They tend to bind and drop your top, which can result in cracking an edge or a corner rendering. Depending on damage, you may have to pay for an expensive new top since they are composite fabricated.

Q. What is Powder Coating?

A. Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin.” It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint and thicker. It protects against the elements much better.

Q. Is the top stable enough when on the lift?

A. Yes, absolutely! This Jeep® top lift device is engineered to hold your hardtop in a way that is very safe and secure without being easily tipped over, even when you are moving it about.

Q. Do you have storage for Freedom Panels?

A. Yes, if you have the bag or if not, place a cloth or blanket atop your hardtop rear section and place the Freedom Panels upside down for a very safe secure location for storage.

Q. Does your system have any straps to hold my hardtop?

A. No, our device does not require any straps, bars, hooks, or clips to hold the roof in place upon exterior since it is made to NOT impede on any of the cosmetics of your hardtop.

Q. Can I travel with my TopLift Pro?

A. Yes, this is a portable lift! Many folks travel with theirs simply by keeping it assembled, mounting it atop a basket system that is then mounted into the receiver hitch, and then using two straps to hold it in place while traveling.

Q. Is there a way to keep the TopLift Pro in place with a driveway that has an incline?

A. Yes, we have two casters that have a very strong brake system that locks it into place.

Q. Will your unit work with sound deadening material mounted to my hardtop roof?

A. Yes, it will not impede on the sound material or insulating materials.

Q. How much time does the TopLift Pro really save?

A: It typically takes 30-40 minutes to remove your hardtop with a hoist system. Ours takes 2 minutes or less. One less thing holding you back from your next adventure.

Q. Do I have to assemble it?

A. Yes, it typically takes an average person about 1 to 1.5 hours to put it together, taking your time.