How to Remove Jeep Hardtops

From the beginning, we recognized the need for a safe and easy-to-use system to remove your Jeep’s hardtops. Rather than calling for extra help to remove or worse the threat of breaking your expensive hard top, we wanted something simple to use and extremely effective as a Jeep hardtop lift removal system, removing your Jeep’s hard top in under two minutes safely.

Rather than using a hoist-style hardtop lift removal option that would require additional installation time, effort and added cost, our solution doesn’t require installation, takes up little to no space, and most importantly, is an extremely safe and simple system for how to remove Jeep hard tops.

To help you with your first time use of the TopLift Pro, we’re here to teach you the very easy steps of how to remove your Jeep hardtops.

Position Your TopLift Pro

Roll your Jeep hardtop remover into the back of your Jeep. The unique ergonomic design of our system lets you reach far into the cargo area of your Jeep, allowing for a stable grip of your hardtop.

Lift Your Hardtop

Once positioned correctly underneath your Jeep’s hardtop, you’ll realize just how easy it is to lift and operate our system. Simply lift your Jeep’s hardtop off by forcing downward on the handle and raise your hard top up about 5 inches. Since our system fits nicely within your Jeep’s own body dimensions, storage isn’t an issue. By positioning your TopLift Pro where you would typically park your front bumper, and you’re good to go. And is just as easy going back on…