Below, find the updated assembly manuals & how-to guides for your purchased product(s):

TopLift Pro™ (Assembly Manual)

TopLift Pro™ - Ford Bronco® 2-Door (Assembly Manual & How-To Guide) 

Venture Pro™ (Assembly Guide)

Venture Pro™ (Break Down Instructions)

Venture Pro™ (Set Up Instructions)

Gladiator Pro™ (How-To Guide)

Store-A-Door™ (Assembly Manual)

Power Pro™ (Assembly Manual)

*Gladiator Pro Videos. Please, scroll down to view assembly videos.


Instructional Videos

How to use your TopLift Pro


How to travel with your TopLift Pro


This video explains the Support Rails and the omitted Pull Plungers


Assembly Videos

Note: Please, read the instructional manual(s) first, before watching the video(s). You can pause all videos below as needed during assembly. If you need additional support, please contact us at or (321) 425-4336 and we will walk you through how to remove a Jeep® hardtop & others.

Step 1: TopLift Pro Base Assembly

Step 2: TopLift Pro Upper Assembly

Step 3: TopLift Pro Proper Adjustment

Power Pro (Motorized Attachment) Assembly

TopLift Pros Door Lift Removal Tool Assembly

TopLift Pros Venture Pro / Gladiator Pro Base Assembly

TopLift Pros Gladiator Pro Upper Assembly