PowerPro Electric Jeep Top Hoist

TopLift Pros is always innovating to bring you more advanced products, always working to improve your life as a Jeep Wrangler owner. With our PowerPro option for TopLift Pros electric Jeep top hoist system, we go the extra mile to bring an additional level of ease of use to your entire Jeep life experience. Using our electric Jeep top hoist option is easy; the system adapts seamlessly to your existing TopLift Pro, a simple bolt on system connects your actuator to do the heavy lifting for you. Now removing your Jeep hardtop is that much easier, even for an individual. With the touch of a button, the PowerPro does the lifting on its own; all you need to do now is simply roll the removal tool away, and you’re good to go! For more information on our PowerPro electric Jeep top hoist system, get in touch with TopLift Pros today!