Jeep Hardtop Hoist Benefits

At Alien Technologies, we work to bring you the best solution to your Jeep hardtop hoist needs. Our revolutionary system, the TopLift Pro, changes the way you go about going topless with your Jeep. Rather than depending on a DIY solution or other inconvenient option, our TopLift Pro brings you easy operation, with a single person being able to control it, along with safe and stable construction that you can trust. This all comes together in one system to bring you the fastest hardtop removal possible.

There are many reasons people choose to own the TopLift Pro, and we’re here to show you the benefits of a Jeep hardtop hoist and how it can help you with your everyday Jeep Wrangler ownership!

Ease of Use

Our TopLift Pro works to solve the main problem experienced by owners—that is, the need for a quick and easy way of removing their Jeep’s hardtop. While there many different options for taking off a roof, like ceiling-mounted options or even grabbing a few people to lift it off, no option is easier than rolling our device into the back of your Jeep, lifting it up, and rolling it away. No more time needs to be spent parking your Jeep in a precise position and connecting a contraption that could end up damaging your vehicle’s top.


A major benefit for our Jeep hardtop hoist is how little space it takes up. We designed this specifically to match the shape of your Jeep, fitting perfectly around the hood if you pull in to park, or fitting over the rear if you back your Jeep in. This helps because it takes up no more space than what your Jeep already does!


We designed our TopLift Pro to adapt to any type of Jeep Wrangler, no matter the modifications used. If you have a lift kit on your Jeep, our hardtop removal tool can adjust to the perfect height for removal. It also works flawlessly with both two- and four-door Wranglers and is portable enough to take with you on your trips. This also works well with various accessories like sunshades and noise deadening materials.

For more information on the Jeep hardtop hoist benefits delivered by the TopLift Pro, get in touch with us today!