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Not only are Jeep Wranglers the masters of off-roading, but they are also extremely customizable. There are few other cars out there that have the same demand for aftermarket parts and mods. But, because of the high demand for Jeep mods, there are seemingly millions of options to choose from when it comes to making Jeep Wrangler modifications. Much of the time when you tell someone you just got a Wrangler, they ask you about the first mod you are planning on doing! In today’s blog here at TopLift Pros, we are going to take a look at which aesthetic modifications you should consider for your new Jeep Wrangler.

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Aesthetic mods don’t do much in terms of improving the performance of your vehicle, but they make it so that you can really make your Jeep your own. With the plethora of Jeep Wrangler modifications out there, you can create the exact custom look you that you had in mind. 


Lighting is a good first mod not only because they are relatively simple to install, but they can really change the look and overall feel of your Jeep. You can replace your regular old square lights with some aggressive-looking LEDs to make your Wrangler look tougher and overall more appealing.

Additionally, using LED lights can improve your visibility at night and are more energy-efficient than the standard bulbs that come on most Wranglers. Upgrading the lights on your Wrangler is both a practical and an aesthetic option that is easy to do for even the newest Jeep enthusiasts.

Lift Kit

Lift kits are another mostly aesthetic mod that also has a practical and useful element. Lifts come in a number of different sizes and options. You can go for something subtle and give yourself an extra inch or two of clearance, or you can go all out and make your Jeep look like a rock-crawling monster truck. Whatever you decide to do, a lift can give you a more intimidating look, while also providing you with more clearance. Having more clearance is helpful for off-roading because, well, you can drive over bigger stuff. Essentially, if you’re planning on hitting the trails, lift kits are practically an essential Jeep Wrangler modification. Additionally, if you are going to be driving across any semi-deep water, having a little more clearance could make a huge difference. It’s worth noting that if you are going to be going through deep water consistently, you should get a snorkel for your Jeep so your engine can still breath in deeper water.

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Hardtop/Soft Top

Most Jeeps come with either a soft-top or a hardtop roof — seldom both. Many Jeep owners enjoy the freedom to choose their Jeep experience. If it’s a little warmer out and you want to be able to take your roof off in a manner of seconds and throw it in the back, then a soft top is great! If it’s a little brisk outside and you want the extra security, the hardtop is a great option. You can choose your own adventure when you have both a soft and a hardtop.

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Seat Covers

When you get a new Jeep, the first thing you likely want to do is take it off-roading — and we can’t blame you! Off-roading is an incredibly fun and rewarding way to use your Wrangler to the fullest. On a hot day, you can remove the top and doors, head to the trail, and enjoy the challenge of maneuvering your vehicle to a place that no regular car could ever go. The only downside is that when you go off-roading, your car can get chock full of dirt, dust, rocks, and other earthly messes that you might not want in your new vehicle. That’s why seat covers are another great mod option for your Jeep. You can go off-roading and rest assured that the interior of your vehicle has some protection. After all, you want your Jeep to stay as nice as possible for as long as possible.

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When you want to customize your Jeep to your exact taste, every detail matters. Wheels make up a major portion of what people see when looking at your vehicle. You don’t want bland rims that are beat up and tough to look at. You want amazing rims with personality that make anyone who looks at your Jeep say, “Wow, that’s a clean looking Jeep.” That’s why changing up your wheels is one of the best Jeep Wrangler mods you can make.

TopLift Pros

When it comes to your Jeep, at the end of the day, it’s just that — your Jeep. You can leave it exactly as is or modify it to the point to where it’s hardly recognizable from what is was before. That’s the beauty of Jeep ownership, you have the freedom to make these types of choices. You can choose to mod, choose to have doors, choose to have a roof, choose whatever you want! When you decide that doors aren’t for you and you want to pull them off for the time being, make sure you have the store-a-cart Jeep door storage system from TopLift Pros!