Best Christmas Gifts For The Avid Jeeper

Best Christmas Gifts For The Avid Jeeper - TopLift Pros

The holiday season is here! This means it’s time to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends, but not until you tackle your extensive Christmas shopping list.


If you have an avid Jeeper in your family but have no idea where to even begin when searching for the perfect Jeep® Christmas gift to add to their collection of Jeep® accessories, don’t worry — TopLift Pros has you covered! We’ve compiled our picks for the best Jeep® accessories that we believe are necessities for any Jeep® owner looking to take their Wrangler to the next level and also make incredible holiday gifts.

Make Any Jeep® Wrangler A Camper With The NitePad®

This is one of our favorite gifts for those adventurous Jeep® owners made by the Colorado-based company, Altitude Jeep®, because it helps you turn any Jeep® Wrangler into a camper! This is the gift that keeps on giving as hard top Jeep® Wrangler owners can sleep under the stars wherever they venture off-roading rather than having to cut the trip short or find a hotel for the night. The NitePad® allows you to make the most of your Jeep® being custom-shaped for a perfect fit in the back of ‘07-’18 Jeep Wrangler® models for a surprisingly comfortable night’s sleep. This is a holiday Jeep® gift that is sure to be appreciated by any Jeepers with a case of wanderlust.


Give It A Rest With The Jeep Wrangler® Dead Pedal

Looking for something a little more affordable to bestow to your off-road lover? A dead pedal is a must-have for those who tackle any difficult terrain in their Wranglers. They feature a non-slip design making for a perfect place to prop up a foot when crawling rocks or on long road trips, so the driver experiences significantly less fatigue. They can be installed easily with hand tools and last for the life span of their Jeep®. Once again, this is something that any Jeep Wrangler® owner will certainly appreciate, especially once they get into the midst of their road trip out west. Before purchasing, though, ensure that the gift receiver has an automatic Wrangler, as dead pedals will not fit on Jeeps with manual transmissions.


Deck The Halls Of Their Jeep® Interior

If you’re concerned that you might purchase the wrong product when it comes to Jeep® Wrangler off-road accessories or other more technical products for your loved one’s Jeep®, you can’t go wrong with some new accessories for keeping their Jeep® interior in pristine condition! From WeatherTech floor mats to seat liners and more, there are plenty of Jeep® accessories out there that offer an improved look and feel to any Wrangler.

Give the Gift Of Storage With Jeep® Wrangler Racks

Who doesn’t appreciate improved storage? We most certainly do. In fact, that’s what led us to create our Jeep® hardtop storage system —the TopLift Pro. 

With that being said, giving the gift of improved Jeep® hard-top storage with a sweet pair of roof racks from Extreme Terrain will put a smile on any Jeep® lover’s face. Featuring a variety of different styles, there’s a roof rack solution for everyone’s budget, so you can find the perfect one to gift to your Jeep® enthusiast. 

If your loved one has a soft-top Jeep Wrangler®, there are still storage options available to you! Rear cargo racks are excellent Jeep® storage solutions that are also more convenient to access than items stored up on the hardtop. So if your Jeep® owner has a soft top or isn’t quite as nimble as they used to be, opting for a rear cargo rack is your best bet!

Give The Gift Of Freedom With The TopLift Pro

As we mentioned, the TopLift Pro provides any Wrangler owner with the best Jeep® hardtop storage system around, fitting easily in any garage while safely holding the hard top in place. 

What we did not mention, though, is the amount of freedom it provides your Jeep® lover with, as this Jeep® hard top hoist also gives them the ability to easily perform their Jeep® hardtop removal or reinstallation by themselves in a matter of mere minutes! This means that your hard-top Jeep® owner, whether a stock or lifted Jeep®, can experience the joys of riding topless in their Wrangler anytime, anywhere without all the complications. The TopLift Pro outperforms every other Jeep® hard top hoist, and our customers will stand by this claim. 

If you are looking for a holiday gift for your Jeep® owner that is the most rational yet revolutionary, you can’t go wrong with the TopLift Pro. We’ve had a multitude of customers purchase our Jeep® hard-top hoist as gifts, and each one has said that the TopLift Pro was worth every penny.


Get Even More Freedom With The Jeep® Store-A-Door Cart

If you want to give a similar gift of freedom but are looking for something more affordable, our Jeep® Store-A-Door Cart provides a happy medium. This Jeep® storage cart will provide your Jeep® lover with a variety of benefits that go above and beyond your standard Jeep® door storage products. This way, their doors will remain protected and their garage will be much less cluttered with a compact storage solution for their doors while they go for out for their doorless adventures on the road or on the trails.

The best part about this Jeep® gift is that it doesn’t come with a homework assignment. While most storage systems and other automotive accessories of this nature normally require a significant amount of assembly and instructions to follow, the Jeep® Store-A-Door Cart requires none of this. It comes ready to rock and roll out of the box with no additional hardware, measurements, or confusing instructions.



We know that shopping for automotive gifts can certainly be a daunting task, but we hope that our Holiday Jeep® Wrangler gift list has given you some inspiration for what to purchase for your rock-crawling Wrangler lover this year. If you want to give them the ultimate gift of freedom with their Jeep®, order a TopLift Pro or Jeep® Store-A-Door Cart online today!