Best Jeep Off-Road Trails of Moab

Best Jeep Off-Road Trails of Moab - TopLift Pros

Utah might very well be the single greatest destination for off-road lovers around the entire country. Moab, in particular, is the main attraction for Jeep owners with a wide variety of trails to venture. It’s almost to the point that it is overwhelming the number of trails to decipher between when planning an excursion out west (or east for you Cali Jeep owners) to this beautiful state.

The team here at TopLift Pros have put together an all-inclusive list of their favorite Jeep trails in Moab, Utah, from over the years to help you with the difficult (but exciting) decision of choosing your next off-road destination. So get ready to take off the ol’ hard top and get to cruising in Moab — the country’s biggest Jeep playground, and make your Jeep hard top removal less of a pain by using TopLift Pros Jeep hoist.

Hell’s Revenge

Hell's Revenge is one of the best jeep trails in Moab; it is home to a variety of intensely challenging obstacles, including the Escalator, the Car Wash, Mickey’s Hot Tub, and Tip-Over Challenge. It offers an exciting ride for any Jeep type with a beautiful backdrop of the LaSalle mountains. It may be one of the most crowded Jeep trails in Moab, often flooded with fellow off-roaders, but it is well worth the wait for your chance to ride.

If you choose to go to Hell’s Revenge, and you know your way around your Jeep, be sure to hit Hell’s Gate near the overlook that scores an eight off-road rating for the ultimate challenge. If you aren’t especially confident in you and your Jeep’s capabilities (no shame), you can still watch hysterically as other people with egos too big to say no to the challenge roll backwards down the hill. This trail is best in the summertime as it is ridiculously scary in the snow or ice.

Poison Spider Mesa

Another good trail to get your off-road bearings back, Poison Spider Mesa features all the good stuff with edges, dips, and climbs that lead you up to the main obstacle at the top that takes some serious straddling to get through. Tire placement is key on the majority of this trail which is why we recommend it for a good warm-up run before tackling more daunting trails. There are also bypasses around the more difficult obstacles which are a nice option. But what really makes this one of the best off-road trails in Moab is that if you park and take a short hike off the side trail, you’ll find fossilized dinosaur footprints!

Cliff Hanger

This is our recommendation for the first trail to check off the list off the bat on your Moab trip as it’s right at the edge of town and gets going very quickly. It is also an out-and-back trail meaning that you get to hit every obstacle twice from different perspectives. We recommend this trail as the warm-up run before tackling the beast that is Moab Rim.

Kane Creek Canyon

If nothing makes you happier than a good splash or even swim in your Jeep, this is the trail for you. Kane Creek has a multitude of water crossings and other fun obstacles as well as plenty of shade. During the summer, you can find over 50 creek crossing points along this trail with water being as high as mid-door level on lower Jeeps. One of the longest trails in Moab stretching 20 miles, it’s well worth every minute, so pack a lunch and enjoy the ride. While on the trail, keep an eye out for Old Willy’s Wagon that fell off a cliff on the trail many years back near the bridge.

Top Of The World

This isn’t the most challenging of the Jeep trails in Moab, Utah, having roughly a six or seven rating, but it does feature one of the most scenic drives and best views in Moab — or perhaps all of Utah. The trail is roughly seven miles long each way ending at a lookout point overlooking one of the most picturesque and panoramic views of the beautiful Utah landscape.

Moab Rim

We made sure to include something for everyone in our list of the best off-road trails in Moab, including the true adrenaline junkies. With off-camber climbs and obstacles that tilt you downward facing an 800-foot drop down to the Colorado River below, Moab Rim is the epitome of cliff trails. The trail is 7.7 miles and features a 1,877-foot elevation gain, or drop, depending on your direction.

Upper Helldorado

As the name gives away, this is also not a trail for the faint of heart. For those of you that consider you hardcore offroaders, the Upper Helldorado will truly put your skills to the test. We might even dare to say it is the most challenging trail in all of Moab. It may be only a quarter mile trail, but don’t let this fool you. The time to run this trail can vary from a half hour (if you’re lucky) up to three days (if you’re unlucky) depending on your equipment and skills.

Coyote Canyon

If you’re looking for a real roller coaster of a ride in your Jeep without the crowds, look no further than Coyote Canyon. This trail is short and to the point — where Jeep-sized boulders greet you right off the bat. It’s a hidden gem that sadly does not show up on GPS, but you can find it on the dirt road leading down to the Area BFE if you look to the left right as you cross over the little bridge. You can always ask a local along the way for assistance finding Coyote Canyon as it’s no secret to them.

This encompasses our picks for the top Moab off-road trails to add to your off-road checklist. Getting the list down to just seven was a miracle in itself as Utah offers such a wide variety of trail styles that fulfill every Jeep lover’s dreams. So get ready to take your top off and enjoy soaking up the sun in Moab! Remember to bring along your TopLift Pros Jeep hoist tool for easy solo Jeep hardtop removal. If you don’t have one yet, get yours today so you can get going on your off-road adventures quicker and easier.