Best Off-Roading Spots in Arizona

Best Off-Roading Spots in Arizona - TopLift Pros

Best Off-Roading Spots in Arizona

If you’re looking to tackle a wide variety of terrain while cruising through incredible, scenic lands, Arizona is the place to go. While many people think that all the Grand Canyon State has to offer is flat desert lands, this misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth. From mountains to massive forests, Arizona offers practically any off-roading environment you can imagine. To learn about some of the best off-roading spots in Arizona, check out these iconic trails.

Broken Arrow Trail

Located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, the Broken Arrow Trail is one of the state’s most popular off-roading locations. This moderately difficult loop trail is roughly 2.9 miles long, but it can take several hours to complete due to the challenging obstacles that drivers must overcome along the way. Throughout the entire trail, off-roaders will enjoy driving over stunning red rocks and soaking in views of the spectacular Mogollon Rim cliffs.

Bulldog Canyon Trail

Another one of the best off-roading spots in Arizona is the Bulldog Canyon Trail. Located on the northeast side of Phoenix, the trail begins in north Mesa and concludes near the Salt River.

Along the way, off-roaders can behold stunning natural sights such as the Superstition Mountains and the Goldfield. Because the 14.6-mile trail features moderately challenging obstacles, it is ideal for off-roaders with more experience and vehicles with higher clearance.

Apache Trail

The Apache Trail also resides near Phoenix and offers incredible views of the Superstition Mountains. Originally used by the Apache Indians to travel through the mountains, the trail is relatively easy to traverse.

Because much of the trail is paved, it is a great trail for beginners interested in developing their skills. Along the trail, off-roaders will travel through the Tonto National Forest, by the Salt River, and past Roosevelt Lake, where the trail ends. 

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