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When you have had a Jeep for a while and are ready to step up your off-roading game, you might switch from searching for aesthetic mods that make your Jeep look good to performance mods that make your Jeep perform better. If you are in the market for some great aesthetic mods, check out our blog on some of the best aesthetic mods! For those of you who want to upgrade the performance of your Jeep Wrangler, keep reading! Today’s blog here at TopLift Pros takes a look at what some of the best mods are for upgrading your off-road Jeep game. 

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When it comes to getting the ultimate off-road experience in your Wrangler, there are a few mods that can really make a world of difference. The performance mods we talk about help improve your overall off-road experience and help to make your Jeep even more ideal for tackling advanced off-road adventures.


A winch is a must-have for anyone who is planning to spend any time off-roading whatsoever. They are so valuable and can really turn a problem situation into a regular Tuesday. Winches help you pull yourself out if you get in too deep and help you get your Jeep back home to the garage safe and sound. Not only that, but a winch can also make it so that you can help others you are with as well. If you go off-roading in a group and nobody has a winch between them and someone gets stuck, you are going to have a much tougher time. 

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Good tires are potentially one of the most underrated upgrades you can get for your Wrangler. Power, suspension, and all the Jeep mods in the world mean next to nothing if you have bad tires. When you upgrade your Jeep tires, make sure you find a tire that has great grip, traction, and that has thick, tough rubber. Grip will help you take full advantage of your four-wheel drive capabilities, traction will help you get through off-roading obstacles much easier, and a tough tire will get your through the toughest of off-roading conditions. When upgrading your Jeep, make sure not to cheap out on good tires.

Front Bumper

It may sound strange that replacing your front bumper is a performance mod, but in practice, the right front bumper can help protect your vehicle and enable you to tackle more difficult obstacles. The traditional Jeep front bumper is square, has reasonable clearance, and offers little protection for the body of your vehicle. There are a number of front bumpers on the market that are made of a more durable metal that better protects the body of your Jeep, has more aggressive styling, and are sloped in such a way to give you maximum off-roading potential. Start up steeper inclines more easily and get more robust protection for the front of your vehicle with a new front bumper, and you’ll be delighted with the results. 

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Grab Handles

While grab handles won’t make your Jeep any faster or improve its off-road performance, we thought it a notable mention for the best Jeep mods. Grab handles make it easier to get into your Jeep — especially if it’s lifted. But, most importantly, they make off-roading or even riding around town a much more comfortable and controllable experience for any of your passengers. It can be nerve-wracking going off-roading for the first time or riding around town in a vehicle without doors. It’s even more nerve wracking when you aren’t the one driving and in control! Grab handles are a great value and help to make any riders coming along with you much more comfortable and is sure to, at the very least, upgrade their experience.

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Locking Differential

Without getting into too much detail, a locking differential makes it so that you have the choice to distribute power to all your wheels equally. While you may have four-wheel drive, one wheel will spin more and get more power when it has less traction — which can be a problem when you are off-roading. Locking differentials are great because you can maintain the same steering capabilities while you are on the road, but you have the option to lock your differential should you ever get stuck or need to give equal power to all wheels.

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