Best Places To Go Off-Roading in Utah

Best Places To Go Off-Roading in Utah - TopLift Pros

Utah is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the US. Don’t believe us? We dare you to gaze upon the red rock cliffs, glistening rivers and lakes, and awe-inspiring rock formations and tell us otherwise. Due to the breathtaking natural beauty of the state and the surplus of miraculous trails, Utah is nothing short of an off-roading paradise. Since you’re probably already planning your trip, here are some of the best places to go off-roading in Utah to pencil into your itinerary.

Hell’s Revenge

If you’re looking for a shorter trail to traverse, consider embarking down Hell’s Revenge in Moab, Utah. Though it is only 9 miles long, this loop trail may take some time to complete, as it is rated difficult and heavily trafficked. As you drive along, prepare yourself for challenging obstacles, such as long, steep climbs on slick rock. If you’re an experienced off-roader in the mood for a challenge, you can also take on optional obstacles known as Hell's Gate, the Escalator, Tip-Over Challenge, and Rubble Trouble Tubs, which are as intimidating as their names suggest.

Chicken Corners OHV Trail

Located in Moab, Utah, the Chicken Corners OHV Trail spans 41.6 miles. This out and back trail is heavily trafficked—and for good reason. It’s incredibly beautiful! Along the way, you’ll pass by stunning wildflowers and an amazing view of the Colorado River and Thelma & Louise Point. From a difficulty standpoint, the out and back trail is rated as moderate and has an elevation gain of 4,514 ft. The best time to off-road on this trail is generally between March and October.

Sand Mountain Open OHV Area

Those who enjoy dune riding should take a trip to the Sand Mountain Open OHV Area. Spanning nearly 5,000 acres, this open OHV area is located on the largest single dune in the Great Basin. In other words, it’s the ultimate off-roading playground. Because this open area is so expansive, the difficulty and typical duration it takes to traverse are completely up to the driver.

Red Canyon

Also known as Peek-a-Boo Canyon, Red Canyon is located near Kanab, Utah. Off-roaders of all skill levels can enjoy this lightly trafficked out-and-back trail that is just shy of 9 miles. While off-roading, you can expect to experience drives through deep sand across the unique desert landscape. Against a backdrop of warm red and cool brown tones, you can enjoy sights of cacti, yuccas, junipers, pinions, and slot canyons.

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