Can You Drive a Ford Bronco With No Doors?

Can You Drive a Ford Bronco With No Doors? - TopLift Pros

Open-air driving is a desirable feature for any overlanding vehicle. Everyone knows that Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators boast this ability, but can you drive a Ford Bronco with no doors, too? Read on to learn more about Broncos’ door configuration capabilities and the legality of open-air driving.

The Simple Answer…Yes!

You can absolutely remove the doors from your Ford Bronco and enjoy open-air driving at a moment’s notice! The Ford Bronco is one of the few capable off-roading 4x4s with removable door and rooftop elements on the market today. Using a 13 mm socket wrench, ratchet, and alignment pin—all tools included in your Bronco’s glovebox—you can quickly remove your vehicle’s doors and install necessary fender protectors.

Laws On Open-Air Driving

So, removing your Ford Bronco’s doors is technically possible, but is it legal? If you live in Pennsylvania, the quick answer is a resounding no—only half-door configurations are acceptable under Pennsylvania traffic laws. However, residents in the 49 other states (in most situations) can legally travel public roads with a doorless vehicle. To do so, the automobile must maintain one to two side-view mirrors and a rear-view mirror while in a door-less configuration. Fortunately, all three mirrors on the Ford Bronco are attached directly to the vehicle’s frame, eliminating this legal concern!

Open-Air Safety Concerns

You now know that open-air driving is both possible and legal for the Ford Bronco, but is it safe? It is true that passengers and drivers inside doorless automobiles are significantly more vulnerable in automotive accidents, but simply removing your Bronco’s doors doesn’t increase the likelihood of suffering a crash. In fact, practicing cautious driving habits while operating a doorless automobile ensures a safe experience for you, your passengers, and other motorists on the road.

For good measure, Ford only recommends you remove your doors for off-roading applications with lower motorized traffic. So while open-air configurations are street-legal, it’s best to utilize this feature during overlanding activities like rock crawling or camping.

Ultimately, you CAN drive a Ford Bronco with no doors! Notably, you can also enhance your open-air experience further by ditching your vehicle’s rooftop component. Check out our 4-door Bronco hardtop removal solutions here at TopLift Pros to simplify and expedite the hoisting process.