Common Mistakes Jeep Owners Make When Removing Their Doors

Common Mistakes Jeep Owners Make When Removing Their Doors - TopLift Pros

No driving experience can compete with the thrill of riding in a droptop Jeep. Stripping your 4x4 of its doors and roof offers a driving experience that’s unlike any other. However, removing all those objects from a vehicle can prove challenging, especially for new owners. Check out these common mistakes Jeep owners make when removing their doors and how to avoid them with the proper methods.

Using the Wrong Tools

Jeep makes the door removal process quite simple by including all the necessary tools and information in the car for your convenience. Typically, a kit consists of a specialized ratchet wrench, 10mm and 15mm sockets, and different Torx bits depending on your vehicle’s model. The equipment is in the rear under the cargo floor, with each item labeled and the instructions printed clearly on a piece of laminated paper. All tools are in a nylon pouch and readily available for use. So, in short, keep track of this bag!

Lacking Proper Storage

Once you've popped off all the extremities, it's imperative to store them somewhere safe. Unfortunately, many Jeep owners ignore adequate storage for doors, leading to minor or significant damages. You can outfit your garage with a system of hanging hooks to keep your doors off the ground and safely secured. Or, you can simply wrap them in a cushioned blanket and tuck them away.

However, the absolute best way to cache your Wrangler pieces is to use a storage cart, which conveniently holds two to four doors on a portable structure. A storage cart keeps items safe from hazards and doesn't clutter up a small space.

Suffering Through Labor

Many Wrangler owners spend years without removing the doors and roof since the process seems daunting. In truth, proper door removal isn't a walk in the park, but it isn't impossible either. Besides the Jeep kits, our high-quality Jeep door removal tool makes the whole experience more streamlined. This device seamlessly attaches to your Wrangler and removes doors in a breeze. Plus, you can keep the doors on the tool for more accessible storage that eliminates the possibility of any damages.

Most of the common mistakes Jeep owners make when removing their doors result in damages that hinder their vehicles’ integrity. At TopLift Pros, we design our products to ensure total protection for your Jeep, and ultimately, you! With our quality selection of tools and storage devices, you can enjoy the thrills of the open road without worrying about your doors back at home.