Debating A Jeep Hardtop? We Vote Yes

Debating A Jeep Hardtop? We Vote Yes - TopLift Pros

The Jeep community is like a family.

We look after one another, go off-roading with one another, and genuinely care for one another like no other vehicle community can.

So, if you’re looking to join the Jeep brotherhood, you may be debating whether to get a soft top or a hardtop Jeep.

Soft tops, of course, are often slightly cheaper, offer the freedom of feeling the great outdoors, and come in a variety of styles to meet your needs.

Hardtops, on the other hand, are slightly more pricey but are also more durable and safe.

But what if you want to have the durability, style, and protection of a hardtop while still being able to experience the fresh air feeling of rolling down the highway or off-roading with the top down?

Is buying a hardtop Jeep actually worth it?

We’re here to say that yes, it absolutely is.

Hardtop Jeeps are versatile, stylish, and are built to protect you from the outside elements like rain, snow, heat, and blistering cold.

But the great thing about hardtop Jeeps is this: You can still take the top off whenever you want.

Still not convinced? Here are five good reasons why buying a hardtop Jeep is worth it.

1: Versatility

No other Jeep option, no matter the price or the add-on, offers the versatility of the hardtop.

With a hardtop Jeep, you get assured protection from Mother Nature and safety from weather, exhaust fumes, heck even bugs, when you’re driving down the highway.

The heat and snow-resistant fiberglass tops are suited for even the harshest of weather conditions, meaning you can drive your Jeep in any weather at any time of year.

But that’s only one side of the coin.

Even if the great outdoors come calling, with a hardtop Jeep you won’t have to sacrifice feeling that fresh air and having fun in the sun.

You may be asking yourself, “But doesn’t it take more than one person to remove a Jeep’s hardtop?”

The answer: Not anymore.

Thanks to the innovative TopLift Pro, Jeep hardtop removal has seriously never been easier.

All you have to do is remove your hardtop Freedom panels and bolts, wheel the TopLift Pro under the interior roof, lift the handle, and wheel it away. It even keeps your Jeep hardtop there securely so that you can store it in your garage, storage area, or even driveway without the risk of falling over.

If that’s not enough of a reason to buy a hardtop Jeep, we don’t know what is!

2: Storage Capacity

With your hardtop Jeep, you can pack a whole lot more for your outdoor adventures.

Besides the back storage being more secure and easier to load, hardtop Jeeps allow you to strap things to the roof much more easily, including paddleboards, kayaks, bikes, tents, skis, and more.

Plus, when you’re ready to get going with your TopLift Pro Jeep hardtop removal lift, you can also get the convenience of storage in your own home.

The TopLift Pro allows you to hang your hardtop, and even your Jeep doors, high enough so that you can park your Jeep right underneath without compromising any space, whether it be in your garage, on the campground, or in your own backyard.

3: Durability

Another benefit of your Jeep’s top being made of tough fiberglass rather than flimsy plastic material?

Well, it’s a lot tougher.

Hardtop Jeeps often last a long time, even as long as the life of the vehicle.

If you take care of your Jeep, even with normal outdoor use you rarely (if ever) have to worry about replacing, nor even repairing, your hardtop.

Simply put, these bad boys are built to last.

4: Security

What’s easier to break into: A fabric top with a zipper, or a tightly secured fiberglass top with windows and latches?

Yeah, it’s definitely the former.

Hardtops offer added security benefits for when you (sadly) have to leave your Jeep for whatever the case may be.

You can leave things in your Jeep and have peace of mind knowing it will be a lot harder for a thief to break in and grab them.

5: Downright Fun

No matter which direction you go, owning a Jeep is just plain fun.

It will be your favorite travel companion and allow you to experience the outdoors like never before.

With a hardtop Jeep, you can have a full-season off-roading vehicle that will protect you from the elements while still offering the capability to feel the elements when you want to.Jeep hardtop removal isn’t the chore it used to be, thanks to the TopLift Pro, so don’t let that interfere with your decision.

Contact TopLift Pros today to learn more about the benefits of owning a hardtop Jeep and order your own Jeep top lift today!