Different Types of Jeep Hard Tops

Different Types of Jeep Hard Tops - TopLift Pros

If your Jeep currently has a soft top, swapping it out for a hard top is a great way to increase your vehicle’s durability, safety, insulation, and comfort. There are three main types of Jeep hard tops: a one-piece hard top, a two-piece hard top, and a three-piece hard top. Each of these configuration options offers unique benefits. To determine which option is best for your needs and preferences, consult this guide to the different types of Jeep hard tops.

The One-Piece Jeep Hard Top

The one-piece hard top is the simplest Jeep hard top option. As its name suggests, a one-piece hard top consists of a single unit rather than multiple pieces. Typically, stock or factory hard tops come in one-piece configurations. 

One-piece hard tops generally have the advantage of sealing a vehicle better from weather since there aren’t any seams. However, because you must take a one-piece hard top off from the Jeep as one unit, removal can often pose a challenge.

That said, removing a one-piece hard top doesn’t have to be difficult. The Jeep hardtop stand and removal tool from Top Lift Pros makes it easy to remove a heavy one-piece Jeep hard top on your own in just two minutes or less.

The Two-Piece Jeep Hard Top

A two-piece hard top consists of—you guessed it—two main parts: the front and the rear. The front section of a two-piece hard top covers the driver and passenger seats. This section can be completely removed to allow for a more open-top experience. The rear section of a two-piece hard top resembles a stock hardtop and covers the back portion of the Jeep, including part of the back passenger seats on some models.

While a two-piece Jeep hard top provides the benefit of easier removal and more customization, it also has more seams. As such, there is often more wind noise and a greater chance of potential leaks than a one-piece hard top.

The Three-Piece Jeep Hard Top

Another type of Jeep hard top is the three-piece hard top. This configuration consists of three separate pieces: a rear section and two front sections. The rear section resembles a stock hard top, while the two front panels can be removed.

Because the top consists of three smaller and lighter pieces rather than one or two large pieces, a three-piece Jeep hard top is generally the easiest and most manageable to remove and store. However, like a two-piece hard top, there are multiple seams which means it is more susceptible to leaks and may not provide as much insulation as a one-piece hard top.