DIY Jeep Hardtop Removal

DIY Jeep Hardtop Removal - TopLift Pros

When it comes to Jeeping, half the fun of wheeling in the summer is taking off the top and letting the sun and wind add to the beauty of the day. What isn’t so fun (usually) is actually taking off the top. Jeep hardtop removal is typically a pain because you need to recruit a friend or two to pop it off manually and carry it into storage, or you have to pay a hefty price and do a lot of manual labor to create a hoist in your garage to lift it off.

DIY hardtop removal sounds impossible.

But it’s not.

The TopLift Pro changes the game when it comes to taking off the hardtop. The tool is designed to be operated safely and quickly by only one person.

To actually take the top off only takes about five seconds. If you want to count the time it takes to unbolt the roof and unlatch the doors, the whole process takes around two minutes total. And all of this can be done by yourself.

  1. Begin by unlatching the doors and unbolting the top.
  2. Open the back hatch.
  3. Wheel the TopLift Pro under the rear bumper so the top of the unit rests on the interior side of the roof.
  4. Manually push down on the lever.
  5. Watch the top pop up and balance safely on top of the unit.
  6. Back the unit away from the vehicle.
  7. Store it wherever you want!

The TopLift Pro is designed to store the top just a few inches higher than the Jeep height itself. The curved metal work of the unit leaves enough room for you to pull the Jeep in directly under the top, so you don’t lose any real estate for storage.

Moreover, the doors to the Jeep can hang on the TopLift Pro, too, which means you can ride free and easy down the road while you leave the top and doors back home in safe storage on the unit.

Take It With You

If you’re an avid wheeler, you likely take your Jeep out for some multiple-day excursions. During the trip, you may want the top on your Jeep some of the time, and you may want to enjoy the sunshine the rest. You don’t have to sacrifice your wishes because it is now possible to bring your Jeep roof hoist with you wherever you go. Pack it in with the rest of your gear and use it whenever you want. Since it is a standalone unit, it’ll keep the top and doors safe from ground damage. It can be safely used on an incline, too, which is helpful if you like to do some mountainous riding. We’ve never had a problem with our top or doors getting stolen when we’ve left them in a hotel parking lot and gone out for the day.

Make your life easier today and get the TopLift Pro. You can remove your Jeep hardtop in a jiffy wherever you go!