Equipment for Any Off-Road Jeep Adventure

Equipment for Any Off-Road Jeep Adventure - TopLift Pros

You didn’t buy a Jeep to drive to your suburban office campus. You bought a Jeep to drive where most cars don’t. Off-roading is the purest thrill of Jeep ownership, but it’s not something you can go into unprepared. You’ll need this equipment for any off-road Jeep adventure you embark upon.

Emergency Toolbox

If you find yourself in trouble, basic tools may be enough to get you out. Make sure to equip yourself with wrenches, screwdrivers, a flashlight, and all the other essentials. Leave some space for duct tape and jumper cables, too.

Spare Tire

There’s nothing gentle about off-roading. Jeep tires are built to take some bumps and bruises, but even that sturdy construction can meet its match against some of the terrain you take on. In case you lose a tire, be sure to carry a spare. You won’t be doing anything recreational on a spare tire, but it’ll get you back to the tire shop to make a quick and easy replacement. Those spares on the back aren’t just decorations—they can really bail you out.

Gas Can

Have you ever driven cross-country through the Great Plains? As you cross the more desolate stretches of Kansas or Nebraska, you’re likely to see signs along the interstate that read “Last Exit for 100 Miles”—or more. In other words, gas up now or forever hold your peace. When you lose yourself in off-roading, you run the risk of using up your gas, but other than your fuel needle, there are no helpful warning signs. Protect yourself by carrying a five-gallon tank of emergency fuel. If you start, much like Jackson Browne, running on empty, the fun is over, but you’ll have just enough in the back to get you back on the road and off to the nearest gas station.

Portable Shovel

Yes, yes, we know—any shovel is portable if you want it to be. But space is at a premium in your Jeep, so look for a folding or collapsible model that takes up minimum space until you need it. If you find yourself stuck in some treacherous terrain, you may be able to dig yourself out with what we’ll call some strategic earth remodeling.

Drinks and Snacks

We’re not talking about planning a picnic here, though if you were planning a picnic at your Jeep’s destination, more power to you. This is more about basic water, sports drinks, and healthy snacks in case you find yourself out in the open and fading fast. Staving off dehydration, especially in arid climates that attract off-roading, is integral to staying lucid and alert, especially when situations get stressful. Alongside your equipment for any off-road Jeep adventure, leave room for emergency hydration and calories.

Top Removal

Let’s end with where you should start. Before you hit the trails, make sure your Jeep top is off. The removal tool from TopLift Pros functions both as a removal tool and as a Jeep hardtop stand, storing your hardtop while you go on some off-road odysseys. With the top off and safely stowed, now you can start packing.