Essential Tools You Need to Go Off-Roading

Essential Tools You Need to Go Off-Roading - TopLift Pros

A successful and safe off-roading trip will require more than just your Jeep. You’ll likely also need some tools to help you resolve any mishaps that occur along the way. Experiencing mechanical failures or getting stuck trying to navigate particularly tricky terrain is par for the course when off-roading. Because you’re likely going to be miles away from the nearest gas station and calling a tow truck isn’t exactly an option, you’re going to have to get out of the bind yourself. To do so, certain tools can be invaluable. You don’t want to find yourself stranded, realizing that you could have resolved the issue if only you had that one tool. On your next adventure off the beaten path, make sure you pack these essential tools you need to go off-roading.

Hand tools

Hand tools will allow you to tighten anything up that comes loose during your off-roading adventure and make a wide variety of vehicle repairs. Such tools should come in a range of sizes in order to make adjustments to the different components in your vehicle. Some of the basic hand tools that you should keep in your Jeep include:

  • Allen wrenches
  • Combination wrenches
  • Ratchet wrench
  • A hammer
  • Deep and standard sockets
  • Drivers
  • Ratchets
  • Pliers
  • A socket set
  • Torx sockets
  • Standard and Phillips screwdrivers in various sizes
  • Wire cutters

Air compressor

An easy way to improve your vehicle’s traction off-road is by lowering the air pressure in your tires. After off-roading, however, you’ll need to bring it back up in order to drive on the road without damaging your wheels. As such, an air compressor is an essential tool you’ll need to go off-roading.

An air compressor will allow you to quickly and easily adjust your tire pressure to the optimal level for whatever terrain you’re tackling, from trail to pavement. Doing so will help you stay safe and avoid getting the dreaded flat.

Fire extinguisher

While we hope you never have to use it, you should never go off-roading without a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, fire-related emergencies can occur while off-roading. Because your vehicle is likely carrying highly combustible items such as engine oil and auxiliary fuel tanks, proper fire protection is essential to quickly put out a blaze before it consumes your vehicle or spreads to your surroundings.

When choosing a fire extinguisher to bring with you while off-roading, it’s important to do your research. Not all fire extinguishers are the same, and you could accidentally purchase one that isn’t equipped to put out the several different types of fire you may experience on the trail. For example, purchasing a Class A fire extinguisher that can only put out fires from ordinary combustibles such as wood won’t be much help in the case of a fire caused by flammable liquids.

While off-roading, you should typically carry a Class ABC fire extinguisher, which is compatible with a range of different fires, such as electrical, flammable liquid, and wood fires.

Hi-Lift jack

A Hi-Lift jack is one of the most important tools to keep with you while off-roading.

When driving on rugged terrain, you should always be prepared to get a flat tire. As such, you should equip your vehicle with a Hi-Lift jack that will allow you lift your tire—even on Jeeps with long travel suspensions—and replace it.

In addition to changing a flat tire, such jacks will make it easier to perform any necessary maintenance or repairs under your vehicle. In the case that your vehicle gets bellied out on a rock or tree stump, Hi-Lift jacks will swoop in to save the day once again. Because of the wide variety of potential issues Hi-Lift jacks can help resolve while out on the trails, you should never go off-roading without one.


Sometimes a simple shovel is all you need to get your vehicle unstuck. A sturdy shovel will help you dig your vehicle out of a hole or the snow, clear a path to drive, or escape other sticky situations. As such, you should never go off-roading without one—unless you’d like to try digging through rugged terrain with your hands. If you’re low on space, a compact collapsible shovel should do the trick.


Sometimes it’s the most simple items we need that we tend to overlook. In order to fix an issue with your vehicle, you’re going to have to be able to see it. If the sun goes down while you’re making a repair or you need extra light to get a better look at your vehicle’s components, a flashlight is invaluable. Always make sure to carry one in your off-roading tool kit.

A jump starter

If your vehicle’s battery dies while off-roading, you can’t exactly just wait around for a friendly passerby to give you a jump. Unless you’re off-roading with another vehicle, you’re on your own, so keeping a jump starter in your supply kit will be extremely useful.

Carrying a high-capacity lithium ion battery pack will allow you to jump-start your Jeep without having to rely on another vehicle. Plus, this battery will also allow you to charge your other devices—including your phone—which can help in a pinch. To ensure that your battery will be ready when you need it most, make sure to charge it before you go off-roading.

Winch kit

Another valuable tool to have while off-roading is a winch kit. It’s no secret that getting stuck is a real possibility when attempting to tackle rugged terrain off the beaten path. It’s important to have a tool that will allow you to pull yourself free so you can continue exploring.

In addition to self-recover, a winch kit can also be useful for clearing obstacles in your path such as fallen trees or helping recover other off-roaders.

A winch kit will typically come with a variety of valuable tools such as a tree strap, a mounting channel, a roller fairlead, D-rings, a snatch block, a shackle, and gloves.

As for your winch, you’ll want to choose one that is rated for 1.5 to 2 times the gross weight of your Jeep.


After gathering all the essential tools you need to go off-roading, there’s just one thing left to do before you hit the trail—remove your Jeep’s hard top. After all, there is nothing quite like off-roading in your Jeep and feeling the wind in your hair. At Top Lift Pros, we know it can be inconvenient to always rely on others to help you remove your Jeep’s cumbersome hard top. That’s why we created a product that will make removing your hard top a breeze. Our Jeep hard top storage hoist will help you singlehandedly remove and store your Jeep’s top in two minutes or less. For more information regarding our products, contact us today.

Essential Tools You Need to Go Off-Roading