Four Things You Can Do Today In Your Jeep®

Four Things You Can Do Today In Your Jeep® - TopLift Pros

A wise man once said, “enjoy the little things in life because one day, you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”


While Kurt Vonnegut may not have been a Jeep® owner, here at TopLift Pros, we’re pretty certain that he would agree that you should make the most of every day in your Wrangler.


Many Jeep® owners end up getting caught up in the never-ending customization process with their Wranglers, always in search of the new aftermarket accessory to add to their build. Oftentimes, we forget to simply appreciate our Jeep® Wranglers for what they are and take advantage of all of their capabilities.


That’s is why for this week’s blog post, we’re focusing on things you can do today in your Jeep® — fully customized or fully stock — to remember why you bought a Jeep® in the first place — get out there and have fun.


If you want to get the most out of your Jeep® without the need for customization, order your own Jeep® hardtop hoist or Jeep® door storage kit online today from the TopLift Pros!


The following are four of the seemingly little things you can do today in your Jeep®:


Do The Jeep® Wave

As time has progressed, the Jeep® wave has become less and less common, as our society becomes more social digitally yet less social to those around us. Maybe you’re even guilty of not waving back at your fellow Wrangler-rider on the road today because you forgot or are unfamiliar with the concept. Here at TopLift Pros, we are setting out to bring back the Jeep® wave to our 4x4 community, because it’s one of the simplest things you can do in your Wrangler that helps you remember that you are apart of a family of like-minded adventurists.


Go Topless

No matter what the weather may be like in your neck of the woods, it’s never a bad idea to take the top off your Jeep®, put on your favorite playlist, and go for a cruise. After all, the folks over at Jeep® put in a nice heating system for you, so there are no excuses! Just be sure to smile at the people looking bewildered at you at the traffic lights — they’re just jealous.


It’s even easier to go for a topless ride when you have the handy Jeep® hardtop hoist — the TopLift Pro — which offers the simplest Jeep® hardtop removal solution along with safe and secure Jeep® hardtop storage. Even if you work today, try staying out of the breakroom and taking your lunch outside today for a little picnic in your topless Jeep®. Maybe even bring a book along, recline the seat back, and soak up the sun and all the little things in life.


Go Doorless

Not only does taking the doors off your Jeep® make the Jeep® wave that much easier and more fun, but it also gives you the feeling of freedom that only Wrangler owners and postal carriers get to experience. Take your doors off in a jiffy with our one-of-a-kind Jeep® door storage and removal tool — the Jeep® Store-A-Door Cart.


Get Dirty

Taking the path less traveled are words that most Jeep® owners live by, but don’t forget that this can apply to your daily commute to. No Matter your off-roading experience, take the long way home and get your Wrangler off the pavement for a quick dirt bath. You certainly won’t regret it.