Hardtop Or Soft Top?

Hardtop Or Soft Top? - TopLift Pros

Jeeps® are amazing because they are so versatile. You can have a soft roof, no roof, doors, no doors — the possibilities are endless. If you are a Wrangler owner, or are about to be, then you may find yourself trying to decide whether or not you want a soft top roof or hardtop for those days where no roof doesn’t quite make sense. There are a few pros and cons to both and in today’s blog from our team at TopLift Pros, we are going to talk about the main reasons for going with a hardtop or going with a soft top roof! 


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Hardtops are made from a strong and light compound. They are known for their rigidity and give your Jeep® a look that is more along the lines of a traditional motor vehicle that has a welded-on roof. 

Better insulated

Hardtop Jeeps® have a better cabin seal. This is beneficial for a few reasons. When it is colder outside, it does a better job at keeping the heat in and the cold out. Additionally, since the seal is more secure, this makes it so that the cabin noise is quieter. While soft top technology has admittedly come a long way when it comes to noise, hardtops still provide a much quieter and relaxing ride. 


More secure

Hardtops on Wranglers are certainly more secure than soft top roofs are. With soft roofs, someone can simply cut the cover to gain access to any valuables left inside. Because of this, it is also easier to steal Wranglers with soft roofs. If you are someone who forgets things in their car or are worried about the security of your vehicle and belongings, then a hardtop is going to be the obvious choice for you. 

Can be tough to remove

The major complaints that most people have about hardtops are the price and the difficulty of getting them on and off. Hardtops do tend to be priced higher due to the materials used. Soft tops are very cheap and easy to produce, whereas hardtops can be a bit more difficult and require more time and effort to create.


When it comes to removal, usually people think that soft top Jeeps® have it in the bag (literally) when it comes to ease of use — and they used to, until now. At TopLift Pros, we created a simple, easy-to-use Jeep® hardtop removal system. It can be operated by one person, takes less than five minutes, and can be used to store your hardtop in a more convenient manner. This evens the playing field when it comes soft top versus Jeep® hardtop removal. 


Soft tops

Soft tops are made from fabric and cloth-like material that is lightweight and affordable. They act more as covers or canopies more than a traditional car roof and can add to the convertible feel without being completely exposed.


One of the nice things about a soft top roof is that it’s pretty simple to fold up and take with you. Once it is detached from your Jeep®, you can fold it up and easily fit it under a seat, in the backseat, or in the trunk area. Be careful, though, make sure that you put your soft top in a place that it can’t be blown out of the Jeep®. The last thing you want is to be driving down the highway and have your soft top fly out the back onto the road.


Also, as a bonus, because of their nature, they are very easy to store! Hardtops can take up quite a bit of space due to their rigid form. Soft tops can be stuffed, folded, or draped wherever they fit best in your garage or home.


Jeep® soft tops are very affordable — especially when compared to hardtop roofs. They are very inexpensive to manufacture since they are essentially a fabric compound with some hooks and straps sewn in. So, if you are on a bit of a budget, a soft top can be a great option for you. Not to mention that you can always spring for a hardtop later on. It might be better for you to try soft top first since it is more affordable, then find a nice hardtop later on — then you would have both and wouldn’t have to choose! 

Easier to work with

As mentioned earlier, soft tops can be easier to work with in some situations. You can unhook the straps yourself and fold it up since it is so lightweight and pliable. No need to recruit multiple friends to try and wrestle a heavy and rigid top off the roof. And, there is no risk of your soft top roof falling and cracking! 


But, with our Jeep® hardtop removal device at TopLift Pros, removing your hardtop can be just as easy and take just as little time as dealing with a soft top. The device is small enough to keep in the garage and store in your Jeep® hardtop, but still tall enough to help you easily get the roof off of lifted Jeeps®.


Want to learn more about our Jeep® hardtop removal system? Head to our site at TopLift Pros and learn how our Jeep® hardtop removal system can make Jeep® ownership easier and more fun than ever!