Hardtop vs. Soft Top: Which Jeep Is Best For Your Jeep?

Hardtop vs. Soft Top: Which Jeep Is Best For Your Jeep? - TopLift Pros

One of the biggest dilemmas that Jeep owners battle is the decision between a hard top or a soft top for their Wrangler. Perhaps you’re one of them. Whether your open-air Jeep doesn’t have a top yet or the top you have needs replaced, with so many options available, making a choice and sticking to it can seem impossible.


That’s why here at TopLift Pros, we have outlined the main benefits that both hardtop and soft top Jeeps have to offer, so you can see which options are most appealing to you and your specific Jeeping experience. If you really want the best of both worlds, though, consider a hard top for your Jeep and order a TopLift Pro to go along with it — the best Jeep hardtop hoist on the market trusted by Wrangler owners nationwide.



Hardtop Jeep Benefits


Better Protection

A hard top for your Jeep is going to offer you much better protection from the wrath of Mother Nature. You don’t have to worry about the outside elements like rain, snow, cold, the hot sun, or noxious bus fumes raining on your parade. You even have your own little flight cabin inside to bump your favorite tunes or enjoy some peace and quiet as you are much more sealed from the outside, making for a much more pleasant driving experience — especially on the freeway.



A hard top typically has a much longer lifespan than a soft top, usually lasting for the life of your Jeep. While a soft top might be less of an upfront investment, they will require replacement every few years as they typically fail in some way due to dealing with the elements or simply fall apart from age. Buying a hardtop gives you a guaranteed quality roof that can take just about any beating you put it through.


Storage Space

Another undervalued perk of owning a hardtop Jeep is having the capability to get more use out of your roof. You can carry all kinds of gear on top and even opt to install a rack for carrying bikes, kayaks, and all other sorts of fun toys. Heck, you can even get a hard top tent for the top of your Jeep to turn it into an off-road camper! If any of these possibilities are something you want out of your Jeep, a hard top is your best bet.



With the majority of hard tops, especially those on the newer Jeep JK Wranglers, it is much easier to lock up your vehicle and ensure your belongings inside are safe. Soft top jeeps are notorious for being succumbed to burglaries as they make for an incredibly easy target for thieves.


The main downside to a hardtop Jeep is that they are rarely removed due to the tedious process of removing your hard top in times you want to feel the fresh air. Hardtop removal used to involve a complicated process and help from a friend or two in order to successfully remove it without breaking your back or your hard top — a real weekend killer. Lucky for you, though, a simple and effective solution now exists, the revolutionary jeep hard top hoist, TopLift Pro.


Jeep Soft Top Benefits



There are a myriad of kinds of soft tops available for Jeep Wranglers, from full tops, half tops, bikinis, flip tops, and a wide variety of combinations. Picking out a soft top can almost be compared to picking out the best clothes to wear for a hot date with so many different ways to enjoy a soft top on a Jeep. You can go the more formal route and include the doors, or go casual without the doors, or even in between, with half doors — the possibilities are endless. While a hard top only comes in one style, you can find the style of soft top that best accents your kind of Jeep life.


Cost Savings

Overall, a soft top for your Jeep is not going to set you back nearly as much as a hard top, even if you choose to purchase a few different types of soft tops for different occasions or seasons. You can put this money towards other toys or upgrades for your Wrangler if your Jeep’s top is not of a major priority to you. While these soft tops are cheaper, they will require replacement a few times throughout the life of your Jeep as they are not as durable, especially if you live in an area that can have pretty extreme weather conditions.


More Freedom

A soft top undoubtedly gives you the freedom to be more connected with the great outdoors by going for a topless cruise. If you really enjoy this aspect about a Jeep, you will not feel nearly as trapped as you do with a hardtop Jeep. When the weather is looking ideal, a soft top can be adjusted in a few minutes to help you escape the confines of your roof and get back to your wild side.

As we said, though, if you truly want to experience the best of both worlds — the freedom of a soft top with the practicality of a hard top, a Jeep hardtop hoist is your solution, and there’s none better out there than the TopLift Pro. Our customers will testify that it is the single best investment you can make into your Jeep Wrangler. So if you make the choice to go with a hard top, order your Top Lift Pro to get the most out of your Jeep.