Helpful Tips on Storing Your Jeep's Hardtop

Helpful Tips on Storing Your Jeep's Hardtop - TopLift Pros

During the warmer months of the year, many Jeep owners choose to remove their hardtops and embrace the fresh air. For those who might be a little tight on storage space, the question of where to put that large hunk of metal becomes a bit of a concern. To store your vehicle’s top safely and optimize your space, take a look at these helpful tips for storing your Jeep’s hardtop.

Remove the Hardtop With the Help of a Tool or Buddy

In order to store your Jeep’s hardtop, you must first remove it. To do so safely, you’ll want to enlist assistance in the form of either a tool or a friend. After all, a Jeep hardtop generally weighs around 140 lbs., which is quite a bit of weight to carry over your head all on your own.

To avoid damaging your hardtop or injuring yourself, have a buddy or two help you lift the top off the vehicle. Or you can forgo bothering your friends and simply invest in a removal tool. With Top Lift Pro’s innovative Jeep hardtop storage and removal hoist, you can easily and safely remove your Jeep’s top in just two minutes or less.

Invest in a Cart

Once you’ve removed your hardtop from your Jeep, it’s time to store it away. One of the best methods for doing so is using a storage cart. Rather than having to lug your hardtop around, a storage cart will make it easy to glide it to wherever you would like to store it. That way, if you ever need to move the hardtop, you can simply roll it to a new location with ease. Plus, your hardtop will have less of a likelihood of falling over in a sturdy cart than it would if you simply leaned it up against a wall.

Choose Its Resting Location Wisely

In addition to how you’ll remove your Jeep hardtop, one of the most important considerations is where you will store it. Ideally, you should store your hardtop in a sheltered area to ensure it is protected from the harsh weather and other elements that may cause damage. If you choose to store your hardtop in your garage, make sure you place it in a location where it will not get hit by cars while parking.

Cover Up

Another helpful tip for storing your Jeep’s hardtop is to cover it up. Even if you choose to store your hardtop inside your garage, it’s important to place a protective covering over it. A covering such as a storage case or simple tarp will prevent the hardtop from getting scratched or accumulating dirt and dust, which can harm its paint job over time.