How To Create the Ultimate Mechanic Setup in Your Garage

How To Create the Ultimate Mechanic Setup in Your Garage - TopLift Pros

A true gearhead loves nothing more than spending a day fixing up their ride. Unfortunately, most individuals lack the proper space to conduct efficient, safe repairs and bodywork. Furthermore, it's hard to find an authentic mechanic workshop without having the right friends or connections.

For those with garages, no matter the size, there are plenty of ways to incorporate mechanic setups that adequately allow for bodywork and general repairs. With some creativity and hard work, anybody can create a workshop in their own cart port. For your convenience, check out this guide on how to create the ultimate mechanic setup in your garage.

Space Requirements

Some folks have an expansive, multiple-car garage that's the perfect space for a large workshop. Most individuals are probably working with one to two car structures that don't afford the area for multiple amenities. Regardless of your situation, you can easily outfit a garage with mechanic aspects without sacrificing functionality. The key to creating an ultimate setup relies on clutter, specifically in how much clutter renders a garage unusable.

That factor is entirely subjective, ultimately depending on your personal preferences. More accurately, ask yourself questions such as, "What am I willing to sacrifice or live without?" "Is a full-sized car lift worth it, or will it limit my abilities to work on my car?" "Is a small workbench and sparse storage all I need?" Since these questions require serious debating, you'll want to spend considerable time weighing your options before beginning construction.

Making a Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is the next step after determining logical options concerning the size of your garage. Undertaking this level of construction is a timely, labor-intensive project that can't be accomplished by going into it blind. Don't let this factor sway you from building the ultimate setup! Instead, take the opportunity to truly understand what's to come in the following weeks or months.

Create a firm budget and stick to it throughout the project. Once you have a price tag in mind, start considering the amenities you want. Through some research, you'll quickly find that some aspects of your workshop have alternative options, and that others aren't totally practical for your price range. Once the supply bit of your plan is mapped out, it's time to factor in labor. Construction can last anywhere from a few weeks to even a year, and some amenities are better installed through professional help—that's yet another cost to consider!

Getting the Right Tools

You can quickly build items such as workbenches and storage yourself from the comfort of your house. This saves money towards your budget, but it also means you'll need the best possible tools for the job. Chances are, as a gear head, you already have some at your disposal. However, gear such as floor jacks, jack stands, magnetic sweepers, air compressors, and shop vacs are less common but absolutely required. Much like your solid plan, your arsenal of tools requires thoughtful consideration ahead of time.

Building Specifically for Your Car

You're probably eager to begin building a workshop in your garage, and all this planning is starting to be a nuisance. Unfortunately, there's more pre-construction work to factor into your project—primarily, what kind of workshop does your car require? If you take your ride out for weekend races, you'll need lots of extra tools and overall space. Proper protection and pneumatic tools are necessary if you're breaking into customizations.

However, if your goal is to provide a space suitable for quick projects, the layout of your workshop will look different from others. Many Jeep owners strive for a garage that supports the removal and storage of hardtops and doors. Luckily, Top Lift carries a quality Jeep hardtop and door storage tool that doesn't require excessive surface areas and makes your workshop project far more manageable.

Cleaning Your Space and Cleaning Again

Time to break ground and build your workshop? Not just yet! Cleaning is a significant factor for labor during these projects, since an organized space is necessary for any garage makeover. Your initial cleanup is simple and involves consolidating any non-car items into other areas of your house. Once the room is cleared, make sure to do a quick wash to ensure order and efficiency during a build.

The first cleanup is the most time-consuming because you want to ensure that everything is just right before installations and such. But the labor doesn't stop there, as you'll need a thorough cleaning after every step of the project. That involves clearing clutter, sweeping parts off the floor, washing, and re-setting up workstations. This method allows for a quick build time, so don't slack on the maintenance!

Setting Up a Workbench

Every shop needs a workbench, and during a build, your workstation is even more important since that's where most of your time is spent. Dedicate a corner of your garage that's easily accessible and able to support a wrap-around table. These workbenches are more conducive for work, but you can get away with a smaller table. This part is ultimately up to personal preference and practicality.

Setting Up Storage

Go to any auto shop, and you'll find loads of storage methods that help keep clutter off the floor. Additionally, great storage allows for more accurate and efficient car work. We recommend installing custom-built cabinets that also provide hanging space on the exterior; however, you can always purchase pre-built ones online.

Our Jeep door carts are perfect for stashing essential parts of your car, and these products are highly portable. Leave space beneath your workbench for heavy equipment and toolboxes. Lastly, utilize tall ceilings and hang particular gear above your car. Just remember to make these areas secure to limit any future damages.

Luxury Additions

"Luxury additions" really mean the extra amenities that aren't standard in most at-home workshops. These additions include lifts, painting tents, and rotating platforms. Basically, you don't need these additions, but they do make your experience far more straightforward.

Unless you want to set up floor jacks, jack stands, a transmission jack, and creepers, a lift is the best option for serious modifications and repairs. However, car lifts put a more significant dent into your budget and require big, open spaces. The same is true for painting tents with ventilation or the coveted rotating platform that you find in showrooms.

Ultimately, the best project for you is one that fits your budget, accomplishes your goals, and works with your preferences. Unsurprisingly, planning and thoughtfulness are the most critical aspects of any at-home construction work. We hope that this guide on how to create the ultimate mechanic set up in your garage makes the entire project reasonable and enjoyable! Consider our high-quality products for any and all of your workshop needs.

How To Create the Ultimate Mechanic Setup in Your Garage