How to Get Unstuck When Off-Roading: A Guide

How to Get Unstuck When Off-Roading: A Guide - TopLift Pros

The tire of a hummer rotating at high speed deep in mud.

When enjoying the thrills of off-roading, one of the risks you must accept is the potential for getting stuck. In fact, it’s practically inevitable. After all, deep snow or trenches of mud aren’t exactly the most easy terrains to traverse. Getting stuck, however, is more than just an inconvenience that ruins your off-roading adventure; it is also a serious safety hazard if you can’t call for help. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get yourself unstuck—provided you prepare accordingly. To avoid getting into a sticky situation while out on the trails, consult this guide on how to get unstuck when off-roading.

Use traction pads for an easy fix

Let’s start with one of the easiest ways to get your vehicle unstuck while out on the trails: using traction pads. If you keep traction pads in your Jeep while off-roading, getting unstuck should be a breeze in many situations.

All you need to do is lay the traction pads down behind your tires, put your Jeep in reverse, and hit the gas. Rather than spinning out or digging deeper into the terrain, your tires will be able to latch onto the tread of the traction pads so that you can easily reverse and free your vehicle. Simple as that.

Recovery straps and a helping hand

If you’re lucky enough to come across another vehicle after getting stuck off-road, a couple recovery straps could be all you need to get yourself free. For optimal safety, the recovery straps that you choose should be able to withstand three times the gross weight of your vehicle to prevent breakage.

To use recovery straps, simply attach them to the recovery points on your vehicle and the vehicle with traction. Then, put each vehicle in first gear and have the helping vehicle drive forward to try to pull the stuck vehicle out. As the vehicle with traction pulls, gently push the gas on the stuck vehicle until it becomes free.

Winch: the last resort

When all else fails, a winch may be your best option for getting your vehicle unstuck when off-roading. Often used as a last resort, winches can get your vehicle out of nearly any sticky situation when attached to a suitable anchor point. As such, if you’re planning on doing a lot of solo off-roading, investing in one of these babies is definitely worth it.

To use a winch, you’ll need to find a viable anchor point to attach it to, such as a thick tree—or pack your own winch anchor. Once you’ve attached the winch to the anchor point, put your Jeep in drive and winch slowly until your vehicle is unstuck. To make sure you know how to safely use your winch in an emergency situation, it’s a good idea to take a class or practice winching in a safe environment before taking on challenging terrain.

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