Jeep Maintenance: How To Keep Your Jeep in Tip-Top Shape

Jeep Maintenance: How To Keep Your Jeep in Tip-Top Shape - TopLift Pros

Jeep owners — especially Wrangler owners — have a special attachment to their cars that no other vehicle manufacturer can replicate. Jeep Wranglers are a fun, versatile car that has a lot to love. They can have soft tops, hardtops, no tops, no doors, and are extremely capable off-roading machines. When it comes to taking good care of your baby, though, it’s important that you are giving your Jeep proper and regular maintenance to make sure it will keep on ticking for years to come. In today’s blog here at TopLift Pros, we go over some helpful Jeep maintenance tips that will help keep you ride in peak condition.

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Keep an Eye on the Fluids

This a good practice for most cars, but with Jeeps, they tend to go through more demanding conditions. People take them off-roading, on long road trips, and use them in all manner of ways. This is a good thing, but it can mean a little extra wear and tear on your vehicle. Make sure to keep an eye on your oil level, check your brake fluid for bubbles and check the level, make sure you have enough coolant, and check your power steering fluid if you have power steering. 

Each liquid plays a vital role in the function of your Jeep. If you are running low on any of your liquids, it could spell big trouble for you down the line. For example, let’s say your coolant is low and you fail to notice before you go off-roading. You get out there on the off-road trail, and suddenly you see smoke coming from your engine bay. You look down to see your engine temperature is spiking and running at much higher temperatures than normal. While you can probably pour some water in to limp it back to town, wouldn’t you rather avoid that situation all together? Situations like this can easily be avoided if you make sure to check your fluids regularly — especially right before you take your Jeep off-roading or on a road trip. 

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Rotate Those Tires

Whether you are just driving your Jeep around town, or are an off-roading fiend, Jeep tires can take a beating. Rocks, potholes, nails, boulders, drops, and rough terrain can beat up even the toughest of tires. That’s why at TopLift Pros, we recommend checking on your tires regularly. It never hurts to take a quick look and scan for punctures, cracks, uneven wear, and tire pressure.

Rotating your tires is an often overlooked aspect of overall Jeep maintenance. It may sound silly, but regularly rotating your tires can significantly increase the lifespan of your tires. This is because tires on different wheels tend to wear at different rates and in different places. This is due to how much power each wheel is getting, the roads and environments you regularly drive in, and more. Rotating your tires about every other oil change can serve as a good general rule. However, your Jeep’s owner’s manual will have a more detailed recommendation that you should adhere to. 

It’s also worth noting that if you are taking your Wrangler off-road, double checking the alignment and air pressure is worthwhile. An out-of-alignment Jeep won’t handle as well and will cause uneven and avoidable wear and tear on your tires. Also, low tire pressure can lead to wheel damage, uneven tire wear, and in some cases, it can cause a tire to explode.

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Check Brake Pads

Brakes are probably the single most important aspect of any vehicle. What good is a car that can go but won’t stop? The main aspects you’ll want to monitor with your braking system are the brake fluid and brake pads. The brake pads are what make contact with the rotor and apply create wheel resistance to help slow you down. Over time, these wear down and eventually need replacing. If you put it off for too long, you will notice a significant reduction in your vehicle’s stopping abilities. 

Additionally, the brake fluid helps to apply hydraulic pressure to your braking system, creating more pressure and more effectively slowing down the wheels. If there are air bubbles in your brake lines, or not enough brake fluid in your system, this can also greatly reduce your vehicle’s braking power. Make sure you and all of your passengers stay safe and double check your brake fluid levels and your brake pads. 

Change the Air Filter

The air filter is essentially the only thing standing between the outside air and your Jeep’s engine. Your air filter catches dust, dirt, and other potentially harmful materials trying to make their way into your Jeep’s engine. As time goes by, the dust and dirt that it collects can eventually build up and reduce the amount of air your engine is getting. This causes unnecessary strain on your Jeep’s engine, can cause performance issues, can cause your engine to run rich, and can reduce the overall lifespan of your engine. At TopLift Pros, we always recommend cleaning or replacing your air filter to help keep your Jeep running as efficiently and for as long as possible. 

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