How To Protect your Jeep's Hardtop When Not in Use

How To Protect your Jeep's Hardtop When Not in Use - TopLift Pros

Part of the thrill of Jeep ownership is hitting the open road in open air. But before you can truly enjoy the wind in your hair, you need to figure out what to do with your hardtop, which needs to stay in the same condition as the rest of your Jeep while it takes the summer off. Worried about the top slipping off that old picnic blanket or a fluke accident in a cluttered garage? Here’s how to protect your Jeep’s hardtop when not in use during the summer months.

Remove It Carefully

Usually, taking the hardtop off a Jeep or convertible requires finding a friend to help you do the heavy lifting. (Dads often draft their able-bodied sons into hardtop-removal duty in what they cleverly brand as “father-son bonding.”) When assistance is in short supply, however, things get dicey. Hardtops are heavy and unwieldy, and it’s prohibitively difficult to maneuver it off the Jeep and into a corner of the garage on your own—either you’ll take some nicks and bruises in the process or the hardtop will, and neither is ideal. Rather than attempt to hoist your hardtop off the Jeep with no help whatsoever, try our hardtop removal system, which allows one person to make the switch for the summer in just two minutes—no “friendly” assistance required.

Finding a Safe Space

With the hardtop off the Jeep and on the tool, what’s next? You could stow it for the summer by carving out some space in the back of the garage and placing it on an old blanket for a little padding. Maybe you’re someone who likes to maximize vertical space by installing some additional overhead shelving. That would certainly keep the hardtop out of harm’s way. But all we’re doing here is outlining extra steps. “Work smarter, not harder” is the axiom that helped us innovate this tool in the first place.

BONUS: The Ultra-Durable Cover

Whether you already own one or are looking for an easy way to remove your hardtop, the hardtop removal system from TopLift Pros features powder-coated tubular steel for maximum durability, but it’s not just here to take your top off the Jeep—it’s designed to hold it in place through summer and early fall. Keep your hardtop mounted to the TopLift Pro (hardtop lift for Jeep®) for as long as you need! And when your hardtop comes back on as the air gets brisk, you can keep your tool protected through the rest of the year with TopLift Pros' TopLift Pro Cover so that it can aid you for years to come and guarantee you with a lifetime of Jeep® topless adventures.