How To Safely Tow With Your Jeep

How To Safely Tow With Your Jeep - TopLift Pros

Jeeps are strong, durable vehicles that are designed to tackle the toughest off-roading conditions. However, when it comes to towing capacity, they do have their limits. If you’re interested in using your Jeep to tow a camper, trailer, or any other load, there are a few things you should know in order to avoid getting hurt or damaging your vehicle. These tips on how to safely tow with your Jeep will help keep you and your vehicle from getting harmed throughout the process. 

Determine Your Jeep’s Towing Capacity

One of the most important tips on how to safely tow with your Jeep is to understand the towing capacity of the vehicle. In general, the average towing capacity of a Jeep Wrangler is between 2,000 and 3,500 pounds. As such, most Jeep Wranglers are capable of safely towing hybrid, pop-up, or teardrop trailers. However, you should check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific information regarding its towing capacity.

Once you’ve determined the towing capacity, make sure the load you plan on towing does not exceed that weight. Trying to pull a load that exceeds your Jeep’s towing capacity places extra stress on the vehicle, which may lead to irregular and inconsistent braking, steering, and acceleration. As a result, overloading trailers is the leading cause of towing accidents.

Understand Your Jeep’s Payload Rating

In addition to determining your Jeep’s towing capacity, it is also important to figure out your Jeep’s payload rating and understand how it impacts the amount of weight you can tow. The payload rating of your Jeep refers to the maximum amount of weight you can add to the Jeep’s cargo area in addition to its empty weight and still drive safely. Such weight may include passengers, fuel, a winch, and any other aftermarket accessories.

This amount of weight should be factored into the towing capacity to avoid overloading your vehicle. If the amount of weight your vehicle has in its cargo area exceeds its recommended payload rating, you should not tow any extra weight.

Gather the Necessary Materials

Once you’ve determined that the load you want to tow is within your Jeep’s towing capacity, it’s time to gather the necessary materials for the job. Key components needed to safely tow a load using your Jeep include a trailer hitch receiver, a ball mount, a trailer hitch ball, a pin and clip, and a wiring harness.

The trailer hitch receiver is mounted onto the underside of the rear end of the Jeep and is secured with a pin and clip. This component has a tube where the ball mount can be attached. The ball mount provides a platform for the trailer hitch ball to sit on. The hitch ball will then provide a point for the trailer to attach to. Lastly, the wiring harness will power the lights on your trailer.

To reduce the weight of your vehicle when towing heavier loads, you may want to consider removing the hardtop on your Jeep. To do so in a way that is safe, quick, and efficient, enlist the help of a Top Lift Pro Jeep Wrangler hard top removal system. Our innovative systems allow you to easily remove your Jeep’s hardtop in two minutes or less without any help. To learn more about our high-quality removal systems, contact us today.