How to Take The Doors Off Your Jeep: Step By Step Guide

How to Take The Doors Off Your Jeep: Step By Step Guide - TopLift Pros

Imagine cruising through the great outdoors with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, fully experiencing the thrill of off-roading in your Jeep. One way to enhance this adventure is by learning how to take doors off Jeep, giving you a more immersive and exhilarating ride. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of taking off your Jeep doors safely and efficiently, as well as provide valuable tips on storage and safety considerations. So, let’s get started on transforming your Jeep into the ultimate open-air vehicle!

Key Takeaways

  • Skip the headaches of Jeep door removal with TopLift Pros’ attachment. This attachment system makes the process easier, and provides a safer and more secure way to take off your Jeep doors.

  • Gather the right tools and supplies for your model, and follow this step-by-step guide to remove doors from CJ, YJ, TJ & JK/JL Jeeps.

  • Store removed doors safely (DIY or invest in a premium option) and consider legal aspects + safety features when driving without them!

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Preparing for Jeep Door Removal

Before embarking on the door removal process, adequate preparation is key. This involves equipping yourself with the required tools and supplies, as well as correctly identifying your specific Jeep model.

Such preparation contributes to a seamless and successful door removal process while minimizing possible harm to your Jeep’s doors or hinges.

Gather Necessary Tools and Supplies

Possessing the correct tools is key to a seamless and efficient door removal process. Depending on your Jeep model, you might need:

  • Socket wrench

  • L-keys

  • Screwdrivers

  • T-handles

  • 13mm wrench

  • Jeep Supply tool kit

To remove the jeep’s doors from your Jeep Wrangler TJ, ensure that the wiring harness is disconnected before proceeding.

To ensure a safe and secure experience, make sure to check all bolts and connections before starting the removal process. If you’re unsure about your Jeep model or if any modifications were made by the previous owner, consult a Jeep dealer or mechanic for accurate information.

Identify Your Jeep Model

Identifying your Jeep model accurately is important as it determines the correct door removal procedure. Classic Jeep models like CJ, YJ, and TJ have unique door removal processes in comparison to modern JK and JL models. If you have doubts about your Jeep model, consulting a Jeep dealer or visiting their website could help clarify your model type.

Once you’ve identified your Jeep model, it’s time to dive into the door removal process!

Removing Doors from Classic Jeep Models: CJ, YJ, and TJ

If you own a classic Jeep model such as a CJ, YJ, or TJ, removing the doors involves a slightly different process compared to modern Jeep models. These classic models typically require the removal of door check straps, inspection of locking hinge pins, and the use of a penetrating oil to loosen any rusted or stuck parts.

Step-by-Step Guide for CJ, YJ, and TJ Door Removal

To remove the doors from your classic Jeep model, follow these steps:

  1. Lower the windows of your Jeep to prevent damage during removal.

  2. Locate and disconnect any wiring harnesses for power windows or door locks (if applicable).

  3. Remove the door check straps by detaching them from their connection points on the door and body.

  4. Inspect the hinge pins for locking nuts and remove them if necessary.

  5. Carefully lift the doors off the hinges, making sure not to scratch the paint or damage any components.

By following these steps, you’ll have your classic Jeep’s doors removed and ready for storage or transportation.

Taking off Doors from Modern Jeep Models: JK and JL

For modern Jeep models like the JK and JL, the door removal process involves a few extra steps due to the presence of power windows and door locks on higher-spec trims. However, with the right tools and knowledge, taking off the doors should still be a straightforward and efficient process.

Step-by-Step Guide for JK and JL Door Removal

When removing doors from your modern Jeep JK or JL, follow these steps:

  1. Lower the windows to prevent damage during removal.

  2. Disconnect the wiring harnesses for the power windows and locks by releasing the push tabs and pulling the connectors downwards.

  3. Remove the door check straps by sliding the tub side of the strap up and over the mounted hook.

  4. Use a ratchet and a T50 driver bit to remove the door cap nuts from the hinges.

  5. Carefully lift the doors off the hinges, making sure not to scratch the paint or damage any components.

By following these steps, you’ll have your modern Jeep’s doors removed and ready for storage or transportation.

Storing Your Removed Jeep Doors Safely

Correct storage of your removed Jeep doors is vital to prevent undesirable dents, scratches, or marks. Multiple storage options exist, from DIY methods to high-end storage solutions like the TopLift Pros Jeep Door Storage Cart. Selecting a suitable storage solution for your needs ensures your Jeep’s doors stay in excellent condition until reattachment.

TopLift Pros Jeep Door Storage Cart

STORE-A-DOOR™ - TOPLIFT PROS® JEEP® DOOR STORAGE CARTThe TopLift Pros Jeep Door Storage Cart offers the following features:

  • Patented spring-assisted design that accommodates either 2 or 4 doors

  • Space-saving design for easy garage storage

  • Quick-release functionality for easy navigation

  • Protection against potential damage by keeping the doors off the floor

With the TopLift Pros Jeep Door Storage Cart, you can rest assured that your Jeep’s doors are safely stored and ready for reattachment when needed.

DIY Storage Solutions

If you prefer a more budget-friendly approach to storing your removed Jeep doors, consider DIY solutions such as using wooden blocks and moving blankets on your garage floor. Wooden blocks can be used to create a stable and secure platform for the doors, while moving blankets provide a soft barrier to prevent scratches and damage to the paint.

With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can create a safe and effective storage solution for your Jeep’s doors without breaking the bank.

Premium Storage Options

For those who prefer a more polished and professional storage solution, premium options such as the Rugged Ridge Wall Mount Door Holder Kit and the EZ4x4 EZFolding Rolling Door Cart are available. These products offer a secure and convenient way to store your Jeep’s doors, protecting them from damage and keeping them organized and easily accessible.

By investing in a premium storage option, you can ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your Jeep’s doors.


Safety Tips and Considerations When Driving Without Doors

Driving without doors offers a thrilling experience, though safety should not be overlooked. This part of the article covers the legal considerations of doorless driving along with necessary safety equipment and features to guarantee a safe and enjoyable ride.

Legal Aspects

Before hitting the road without doors, it’s essential to be aware of the legal requirements in your area. While driving a Jeep without doors is generally allowed in most US states, some states may require the use of side mirrors. Be sure to check the mirror laws in your state and ensure that your vehicle complies with all regulations to avoid any potential fines or penalties.

Stay informed and drive responsibly to enjoy your doorless Jeep experience to the fullest.

Safety Features and Equipment

When driving without doors, it’s crucial to have the necessary safety features and equipment in place. This includes:

  • Seatbelts

  • Mirrors

  • Lights

  • A roll bar (if applicable)

Always be extra cautious and vigilant while driving, and ensure that all passengers are aware of the risks and safety precautions associated with driving a doorless Jeep.

By taking these precautions, you can experience safe and secure enjoyment of the thrill of driving without doors while minimizing potential hazards.

Troubleshooting Stuck Jeep Doors

Occasionally, you might find your Jeep doors unmovable due to corrosion, debris accumulation, or other factors. This part of the article provides tips on how to deal with stuck doors and suggests when professional help might be required for more persistent cases.

Techniques for Unsticking Doors

If you’re dealing with stuck Jeep doors, there are a few techniques you can try to unstick them. First, apply a penetrating oil like PB Blaster to the hinges and let it soak for a few minutes. Gently tap the bottom of the door with a rubber mallet to break any rust or debris loose.

Alternatively, use your legs as leverage to push the doors up and free them from the door hinges. Be patient and persistent, but avoid using excessive force to prevent damage to the doors or hinges.

When to Seek Professional Help

If your Jeep doors remain stuck despite your best efforts, it may be time to seek professional help. Consult a certified mechanic or a Jeep service department for assistance with your stuck doors. These professionals have the experience, tools, and knowledge to safely and effectively remove your Jeep doors without causing damage.

Remember, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the experts to ensure the best results and avoid making the situation worse.


Throughout this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about removing, storing, and driving without Jeep doors. From the step-by-step removal process for classic and modern Jeep models to storage options and safety considerations, you now have the knowledge and confidence to transform your Jeep into the ultimate open-air vehicle. So go ahead, take off those doors, and enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of driving your Jeep as it was meant to be experienced!


Why do Jeep owners remove their doors?

Jeep owners remove their doors to improve fuel efficiency; each front door typically weighs 70 pounds and each back door 45 pounds.

How long does it take to take the doors off a Jeep?

Removing the first door on a Jeep can be done in 11 minutes, and may only require one person to lift it off the hinges if they can manage 47 pounds.

Can I legally drive my Jeep without doors?

Yes, you can legally drive your Jeep without doors in most US states, but be sure to check the regulations to ensure you comply with all laws.

What tools do I need to remove my Jeep doors?

To remove your Jeep doors, you'll need a socket wrench, L-keys, screwdrivers, T-handles, a 13mm wrench, and a Jeep Supply tool kit.

How should I store my removed Jeep doors?

For storing your removed Jeep doors, you can go with DIY solutions like wooden blocks and moving blankets or invest in premium storage options like TopLift Pros Jeep Door Storage Cart or Rugged Ridge Wall Mount Door Holder Kit.