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Here at TopLift Pros, we love Jeeps just as much as you do! We love the versatility that the Wrangler gives you, the off-road prowess, and the sheer volume of customization options available to you all come together to make the Wrangler one of America’s most treasured vehicles. In honor of the Jeep Wrangler, today’s blog at TopLift Pros is all about various world records set by a Jeep!

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Largest Jeep Parade

Back in 2015, Jeep was celebrating its 75th anniversary, and in honor of this, ExtremeTerrain organized a world record event for the largest all-Jeep parade ever held. The event had more than 2,400 different Jeeps participate with nearly every make, model, and year imaginable! We couldn’t think of a better 75th-anniversary celebration for Jeep than having 2,400+ Jeeps parade where it all began. 

Fastest SUV on Ice

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk held a number of records right away after it was first released. Since then, a few of the records it set have been broken, but one important one remains — the fastest SUV on ice. The Trackhawk managed to average an impressive 160mph on Lake Baikal, a freshwater lake in southern Siberia. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has more than 700 horsepower and set its record on a nearly 8-mile long stretch of ice out on the lake. The highest speed achieved during its run was 174mph!

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Highest Altitude Attained by a Four-Wheeled Vehicle

Back in March of 2007, an adventuring team climbed in a Jeep Wrangler and trekked up the Ojos Del Salado in Chile. Which for those of you who are curious, roughly translates to the eyes of salt. Ojos Del Salado is the highest volcano on earth and is difficult to traverse due to its cold and thin air, glaciers, and challenging landscape. The Jeep Wrangler made it up to a height of 21,804 feet, achieving the world record for the highest altitude achieved by a four-wheeled vehicle. Unfortunately, this record would be beaten about a month later by a team in a modified Suzuki vehicle. 

First Motorized All-Land Vehicle to Cross the Darién Gap

Perhaps the most inspirational record on this list is the record accomplished by Loren and Patricia Upton that was completed in May of 2018. The Uptons made it their goal to drive their Jeep Wrangler around the world (excluding Antarctica). While they set off in 1984 and completed their journey to the best of their abilities in 1989, there is a one-mile stretch that was not able to be completed due to a political situation taking place between Israel and Jordan. In 2018, the couple had the old Jeep fixed up and shipped it over to Israel to finish what they started.. 

While their accomplishment of driving a Jeep around the world is certainly no easy feat, perhaps the most impressive accomplishment was crossing the Darién Gap which was a record within itself since no one had done so before. They were the first people to ever use a motorized, all-land vehicle to cross the Darién Gap between Panama and Columbia. 

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Fastest NA AWD Jeep

The record for the fastest naturally aspirated (NA) Jeep in the world is held by an SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This Grand Cherokee had nearly every component of the car custom built in order to achieve a quarter-mile time of 10.59 seconds. This monster Jeep had a 7.0L Hemi engine powering it and makes 600 horsepower to the wheels!

Fastest Jeep in the World

As some of you may already know, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the fastest Jeep you can buy straight from Jeep. However, a company known as Hennessey took the already blisteringly fast car and made it even better. In fact, it actually held the title of the fastest SUV in the world for a short period as well. The Hennessey Jeep has a zero to sixty time of an unreal 2.3 seconds and makes more than 1,003 horsepower and can sport up to 22 pounds of boost on its supercharged engine. 

Best Jeep Accessories in the World

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