Mods That Protect your Jeep from Damage

Mods That Protect your Jeep from Damage - TopLift Pros

Mods That Protect your Jeep from Damage

When off-roading in rugged environments, there is always the potential to damage your Jeep. Whether the bottom of your Jeep gets scraped on a large obstacle or the side gets scratched on a stray branch, that is the risk that off-roaders take. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve the odds of coming back from an off-roading adventure in an unscathed Jeep. With the right modifications, you can keep your Jeep in great shape regardless of where or how you drive it. Here are some of the best mods that protect your Jeep from damage while off-roading.

Body Armor

An effective way to provide extra protection to the body of your Jeep is to invest in body armor. Body armor refers to a durable layer of abrasion-resistant material that can be added to areas of your Jeep such as the rear corners and taillights, which are typically more vulnerable to scratches and dents. To keep your Jeep looking pristine while tackling aggressive trails, body armor is essential.

Skid Plates

Similar to body armor, skid plates provide an extra layer of protection to a Jeep’s exterior so that it can tackle tough trails without incurring significant damage. Skid plates are installed on the bottom of a vehicle to shield weak spots on the undercarriage.

While many Jeeps come equipped with factory protection for essential parts such as the transmission and gas tank, others such as the driveline and suspension are more vulnerable. To protect such weak spots in the undercarriage while driving over tough obstacles and rugged terrain, consider investing in a pair of skid plates.

Upgraded Front and Rear Bumpers

The front and rear bumpers on a Jeep are the vehicle’s first line of defense. They are typically the first part of your Jeep to scrape against an obstacle or scratch against the ground on a challenging decline. As such, it is vital to invest in a pair of tough, durable bumpers to keep your Jeep well-protected.

While all Jeeps obviously come with a set of front and rear bumpers, upgrading them to a more robust version can greatly increase the amount of protection your Jeep has. In comparison to a factory set of bumpers, upgraded bumpers will be able to handle greater impact and can better resist damage to the Jeep’s hood, grille, exhaust, cooling system, and trunk. As such, they are one of the best mods that protect your Jeep from damage.

Bonus: Top Lift Pro’s Hardtop Removal Tool

While not necessarily a mod, a top lift pro removal system is an essential tool for all Jeep owners with a hardtop. Trying to remove a hardtop from your Jeep without a proper removal tool can be detrimental to your Jeep. If the hardtop slips or is dropped during the removal process, it can crack, or worse, fall on your Jeep and cause significant damage.

To protect your Jeep, it is crucial to invest in a sturdy removal tool that will allow you to remove your Jeep’s hardtop safely, such as Top Lift Pro’s hardtop removal system. Our Jeep hardtop stand and removal tool allow Jeep owners to remove their hardtop in less than two minutes without any assistance. For more information regarding our innovative tool, contact us today.