Most Important Tools Every Jeep Owner Needs

Most Important Tools Every Jeep Owner Needs - TopLift Pros

Most Important Tools Every Jeep Owner Needs

While Jeeps are innately durable, safe, and enjoyable to drive, keeping a few essential tools on hand can greatly improve your Jeep-owning experience. Whether you’re looking for a way to ease the transition between the road and the trails, or simply want to reduce your chances of getting stranded, a few crucial tools can work wonders. To ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable ride in your Jeep possible, here are some of the most important tools every Jeep owner needs.

Tire pressure gauge and portable tire pump

When switching from the road to the trails and vice versa, it can be beneficial to adjust your tire pressure. By reducing your tire pressure when on the trails, you can improve your traction on slippery terrain.

However, you will need to increase your tire pressure again when you go back on the pavement. Failing to re-inflate your tires may increase the amount of friction on the tires, which can cause them to wear down or blowout. As such, it’s a good idea to keep a tire pressure gauge and a portable tire pump in your Jeep to allow you to air down or up as necessary.

Spare tire and a jack

Whether you’re tackling an intense climb and hit a sharp rock, or simply roll over a nail, a jack and a spare tire are essential. To ensure you’re able to jack up your vehicle enough to swap out the flat tire with a replacement, make sure to choose a jack that is fitted to your Jeep. For example, if you have a lifted Jeep, you may require a Hi-Lift jack to provide the increased lift your vehicle requires.

A Jeep hardtop removal tool

Another important tool that every Jeep owner needs is a Jeep hardtop removal tool. Removing your hardtop without a proper removal tool can be dangerous. Not only do you risk damaging your Jeep or the hardtop if the hardtop slips or falls during the removal process, but you could also seriously injure yourself.

For a safer and far easier way to remove your Jeep’s hardtop, consider investing in a Top Lift Pro hardtop removal tool. Our innovative Jeep hardtop hoist allows Jeep owners to remove and store their hardtop without any help in two minutes or less. For more information on how our tool can simplify the removal process, contact us today.