Must-Know Tips To Improve Your Jeep's Fuel Efficiency

Must-Know Tips To Improve Your Jeep's Fuel Efficiency - TopLift Pros

A 2023 standard Jeep Wrangler boasts an impressive fuel economy rating of 22/24 miles per gallon. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, especially when you want to reduce your monthly gas expenses. Read on and learn three must-know tips to improve your Jeep’s fuel efficiency.

Purchase a Fuel-Efficient Model

Perhaps you don’t currently own a Jeep but are interested in joining the Wrangler community. One way to ensure optimal vehicle fuel efficiency is to purchase a Jeep with a design specifically for smart gas consumption! For example, the current generation of Wranglers—the JL—is significantly more fuel efficient than any other Jeep model. As such, it’s worth considering purchasing a new or used JL instead of opting for an older Jeep.

The Wrangler 4xe is another fuel-efficient Jeep that has a hybrid engine configuration and an estimated 49 MPG combined city/highway miles per gallon/kilowatt. Finally, certain Jeep Wrangler models include diesel engine configurations for further gas savings. Ultimately, consider purchasing an already fuel-efficient Jeep vehicle to make the other tips on this list far more effective!

Secure Your Hood

Jeep Wranglers boast peak off-road performance and superior durability. Unfortunately, their rugged design elements aren’t the most aerodynamic and can negatively affect your fuel consumption. For example, many Wrangler owners notice that their hood slightly flaps up and down at high speeds. This is called “hood flutter” and is a common occurrence for boxy cars.

When hood flutter occurs, the wind gets trapped in your engine bay, increasing overall wind resistance. As a result, this dramatically decreases your Jeep’s fuel economy by making your engine work twice as hard. Thankfully, a quick and affordable fix for this aerodynamic complication exists—hood latches! These aftermarket products come in pairs and easily attach near your hood to maintain a tight seal at high speeds.

Reduce Your Overall Load

Loading your Jeep Wrangler up with excessive gear and equipment is an easy way to decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Even small items like backpacks or emergency clothing changes can weigh down your Jeep and make your engine work dramatically harder. You should only travel with essential items when driving your car to maximize fuel efficiency.

However, off-roading enthusiasts know that most overlanding activities require lots of equipment, gear, and survival supplies. As such, consider reducing your overall load by removing your Jeep’s doors and roof. This weight reduction can significantly improve your vehicle’s gas consumption and provides a more unique, open-air off-roading experience!

Follow these must-know tips to improve your Jeep's fuel efficiency instantly! And in the spirit of boosting automotive efficiency, expedite your vehicle's roof removal process by investing in a quality Jeep Wrangler hardtop lift from our team at TopLiftPros.