Off-Roading in California: Best Areas to See

Off-Roading in California: Best Areas to See - TopLift Pros

Off-Roading in California: Best Areas to See

When you purchase a Jeep, you likely have off-roading on the mind. However, you shouldn’t settle for subpar trails: you and your Jeep deserve the best. You deserve a Californian off-roading adventure.

California’s breathtaking natural landscape makes it the perfect destination for a wide variety of outdoor activities—including off-roading. From mountains and valleys to forests, farmland, and deserts, the state’s diverse terrain is an off-roader’s paradise. There’s no shortage of incredible off-roading trails to choose from, so many people regard California as one of the best off-roading states in the country. To learn about some of the best off-roading areas in California, check out this list of the top trails the state has to offer.

Johnson Valley

Johnson Valley is among the best off-roading destinations in California. Seasoned off-roaders have likely already heard of this legendary off-roading location, which is home to many ATV, motorcycle, and off-roading competitions. With steep red rock mountains, open valleys, sunburnt hills, and remains of old homesteads, Johnson Valley looks like it came straight out of a Wild West film. Throughout the 96,000-acre region are several different trails at different difficulties. If you’re an experienced off-roader who’s up for a challenge, consider trying out Jack Hammer Trailhead or Sledge Hammer Trail for some truly unforgettable riding.

Mammoth Mountain

People looking for a change of scenery from California’s many desert off-roading trails will appreciate the stunning mountain landscape Mammoth Mountain has to offer. Mammoth Mountain is known for its snowy winters, but it becomes a haven for off-roaders as the weather warms up. At an elevation of 7,880 feet, there’s a wide variety of trails on Mammoth Mountain suitable for off-roaders of any skill level—from newbies to experts.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon offers a stunning and diverse landscape with easy access to many of its trails—some of which are over 20 miles long. Whether you’re looking for easily accessible trails that you can traverse with two-wheel drive or challenging obstacles such as sandy areas, steep grades, and rocky regions to practice your four-wheel drive technique, you can find your ideal off-roading conditions here.

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