Reasons To Take Off the Doors of Your Jeep

Reasons To Take Off the Doors of Your Jeep - TopLift Pros

So, you’ve seen a Jeep driving down the road or out on the trails without any doors and you’re understandably intrigued. Removing the doors of one’s Jeep is a pretty common practice, but if you’ve never done so yourself, you may not understand the seemingly strange trend. Well, there are actually numerous advantages to going doorless that you may be interested in enjoying. Below, we will address some of the main reasons to take off the doors of your Jeep.

To Increase Your Jeep’s Fuel Efficiency

One of the main reasons why people remove the doors on their Jeep is to improve its fuel efficiency. Each front door on a Jeep typically weighs around 70 pounds, and each back door generally weighs around 45 pounds. As such, removing all the doors on your Jeep can decrease the weight of your vehicle by a whopping 350 pounds. That’s a large load!

Because removing 100 pounds of weight from a vehicle can typically increase its fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent, removing your Jeep’s doors can ultimately have a large impact on how much you pay at the pump.

To Make Room for More Weight

Another one of the top reasons to take off the doors of your Jeep is to make room for more weight. As previously stated, removing the doors of your Jeep can decrease the weight of your vehicle by around 350 pounds. That’s extra weight that you can now add back onto your vehicle if you need to tow a large load. For those that need to do some heavy lifting with their Jeep without exceeding its towing capacity, removing the doors is an advantageous option.

To Get the Full Off-Roading Experience

Removing your Jeep’s doors isn’t just a practical move, it can also make driving a lot more enjoyable. Off-roading within a concealed cabin is fun in its own right, don’t get us wrong. But cruising down trails while the air hits your skin, mud flies up around you, and you enjoy a more unobstructed view of your beautiful surroundings is an entirely different experience. If you’re an avid off-roader, you’re going to want to see the difference that removing your Jeep’s doors can make out on the trials.

It’s Easy To Do

Unlike many other Jeep modifications, removing the doors of your Jeep is an extremely quick and easy process. Jeep Wranglers were pretty much designed to have their door’s taken off. As such, the process isn’t hard to figure out with the help of a simple Jeep door removal guide.

To make the act of removing and storing your Jeep’s doors even easier, consider investing in a Top Lift Pro Jeep door removal tool. Our innovative product will help you maintain perfect balance and control while removing your Jeep’s heavy doors for a safe and easy removal, storage, and reinstallation process.