Store Jeep Doors & Hardtop Easily In Your Garage

Store Jeep Doors & Hardtop Easily In Your Garage - TopLift Pros

It’s summer, which means warm weather, road trips, camping, and most importantly off-roading in your Jeep.

In the olden days, you had to make a choice.

You could either remove your Jeep’s hardtop and doors, throw them in the garage and create an even bigger clutter, or you could leave your hardtop and doors on and miss out on the fresh summer air kissing your face as you ride around in-style.

But those days are over.

Thanks to the innovative design of the TopLift Pro Jeep top lift, you can not only remove your hardtop and doors, but you can also store them without compromising the precious little space you have in your garage!

How great is that?

The TopLift Pro is a complete game-changer when it comes to Jeep door storage, Jeep hardtop removal, and Jeeping in general.

Here’s a brief overview of how the TopLift Pro works:

  • First, you have to put it all together. Assembling your Jeep top lift has never been easier. Just check out our blog or helpful resources for tips!
  • Next, take your top off! You can remove your Jeep’s hardtop in less than two minutes - all on your own - with our signature Jeep top lift. Just unlatch your freedom panels, unbolt your top, open the back hatch, insert your TopLift Pro so that it fits right under your rear bumper and rests on the interior top side of your Jeep’s roof, push down on the handle, and roll it away. Jeep hardtop removal has seriously never been easier.
  • Now, get the doors! Your TopLift Pro can easily remove your Jeep’s doors as well, though you may want to get those off before you get your top off! Either way, with your top secured snugly to your unit, you can still affix your removed doors to the unit to house them all in one place.

Okay, so now you know how it works. But what do you do with all of this stuff now?

That’s simple, too: Just park it in your garage!

After removing your doors and Jeep hardtop, you can secure them with the included attachments (with different sizes for two-door and four-door Jeeps).

Then, thanks to our expertly-designed base, you can wheel your TopLift Pro to the front of your garage and set it up where you want it. The Jeep top lift goes as low as 69 inches and as high as 84 inches, hanging your hard top with no straps, bars, hooks, or clips.

Your hardtop and doors will hang high enough that you can drive your Jeep right up and park underneath it, giving you maximum storage space in your garage for your Jeep, car, or whatever else you need to put in there.

But what if your garage or driveway is built on an incline, you ask?

No worries!

The TopLift Pro features two front wheels with strong casters and brakes that will lock it into place, and it’s engineered to hold your hardtop so that it is secure without being easily tipped over.

It’s that simple. It’s that great.

You can enjoy the full power and freedom of your Jeep with or without the doors and hardtop, while having the peace of mind to know that you can easily remove and store them efficiently whenever necessary.

Don’t live with clutter anymore.

Get the TopLift Pro and store your Jeep doors and hardtop easily in your own garage! Shop for yours today.