Take Your Jeep For A Spin This Labor Day

Take Your Jeep For A Spin This Labor Day - TopLift Pros

Do you hear that?

Shhh. Listen.

The leaves are rustling. The wind is blowing. The weather is changing.

Autumn is coming.

This isn’t a fantasy novel, it’s real life. Summer is, unfortunately, coming to an end all across these great United States. And it’s taking all of the opportunities for you to bring your convertible Jeep to places not yet explored.

That’s why, this Labor Day weekend, we have but one challenge for you: Take your Jeep out for one last spin.

Having a convertible, hardtop Jeep affords you opportunities that other people don’t have. You can turn your vehicle into a topless, wind-hugging, off-roading machine at a moment’s notice!

With Labor Day marking the unofficial end to summer, we think the long weekend would mark the perfect occasion for one last topless spin. Don’t you?

And to make your Jeep hardtop removal even easier, might we suggest our innovative hardtop hoist that makes removal simple, quick, and efficient even for one person.

Take a look at what makes the TopLIft Pro different from any other product on the market, and then peruse these Labor Day suggestions tailor-made for Jeep enthusiasts!

Go Off-Roading

Labor Day marks the last three-day weekend of a summer that was (hopefully) full of fun, adventure, and everything in between.

But what’s a long weekend without one last stomp through the mud?

This Labor Day, load your Jeep with food, drinks, a camera, and your favorite companions and set a course for your favorite trail. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, navigate the terrain of a brand new trail. The possibilities are endless. Whether you’re crossing familiar babbling brooks or conquering unknown rocky roads, now’s the perfect time to take off your Jeep’s hardtop and make one last romp through the great outdoors.

Camp Out

One of the biggest advantages of having a Jeep is its versatility and functionality. Your Jeep may look smaller than a truck or other sport utility vehicle, but we all know it’s just as tough, if not tougher. This Labor Day weekend, hook up the camper to your Jeep hitch and haul your family to your favorite lake or campground for a weekend of stories, s’mores, and smiles. Your Jeep will get you there safely and efficiently. Plus, there will be plenty of room for storing all of the essentials, from the fishing poles, to the hot dogs, and more. Heck, if you don’t have enough room for the whole crew in the camper, you can even pack a tent, put your hardtop back on at night, and set up camp right on top of your Jeep!

Road Trip!

A three day weekend offers up many  opportunities. If you’ve been wanting to take a trip, but just haven’t had the time or the vacation days built up, take advantage of this holiday to make a long-overdue road trip. Whether you want to go see some roadside attraction, visit your significant other’s home town, or just want to drive until you get tired enough to stop at a quirky small town along the way, your Jeep will make the perfect companion. Take your Jeep’s hardtop off for one last open-air cruise along your local great American highway and make some new memories that will last you a lifetime.

Take Your Top Off

With the TopLift Pro, you can easily remove your Jeep’s hardtop in just a few minutes. It’s easy to assemble, portable, and makes for the perfect storage tool. The TopLift Pro fits easily in your garage, and provides enough hang to allow you to drive your Jeep right up to it and park underneath. Handle your Jeep hardtop removal like a pro, and hit the road with no limits this Labor Day weekend!