The Best Off-Roading Trails in California

The Best Off-Roading Trails in California - TopLift Pros

When throwing together the ultimate 4x4 road trip vacation, it’s hard to find the best locations with multiple options for trails. Typically, there are only a couple of great off-roading spots in each state. However, you can maximize your adventure by hitting the Golden State, which features multiple terrains that are ready to test your Jeep. Check out this list of the best off-roading trails in California.

Cajon Bypass

Cajon Bypass is nicknamed Old Route 66 and was part of the final leg of the original, famous highway. This train is relatively short in terms of time spent on the road, but the terrain is challenging and absolutely fun for a day of stirring up some mud. Along the way, you’ll catch beautiful views of Cajon Pass and the historical Old Summit Inn.

Red Canyon Trail

California features many different types of environments, but its deserts are among the best in the world. Red Canyon Trail is well-known in the off-roading Jeep community, and it’s perfect for beginners looking for a flatter ride. One massive hill along the trail is the best opportunity to practice your 4x4 skills.

Rattlesnake Canyon

The mountains of Big Bear are worth an entire vacation, let alone a quick visit for some off-roading. However, if you’re planning a more complex itinerary with multiple locations, you must visit Rattlesnake Canyon, which runs from Johnson Valley to the aforementioned Big Bear region. You’ll encounter terrains such as sand, mud, and rocky roads. It’s safe to drive in any season, but the warmer parts of the year offer more scenic opportunities and wildlife.

Cleghorn Trail

If you want options when off-roading, Cleghorn Trail is the place for you. The fourteen-mile strip is primarily flat, but there are plenty of offshoot spots to get your Jeep dirty. There’s a good balance of easy terrain and rougher environments, and many 4x4 owners visit this location every year.

Taking your off-roader across this great across this beautiful country allows for an unforgettable experience packed with loads of excitement. For Jeep owners, it’s the perfect opportunity to shed the roof and doors from your car and feel the freedom of open roads. Before you hit the best off-roading trails in California, consider Top Lift’s high-quality Jeep hardtop lift that makes Jeep customizations far more manageable.