The Best Way To Store Your Jeep's Doors Well

The Best Way To Store Your Jeep's Doors Well - TopLift Pros

Converting your Jeep to the ultimate summer driving machine goes beyond taking the top off. Once the top heads off to storage, your doors usually follow, giving your Jeep lighter weight, lower fuel consumption, and a cross-breeze that not even a convertible can match. However, the season is fleeting, and before you know it, it’s time to retire that summer-driving-machine status and seal it back up for year-round driving. In the meantime, you need to keep your doors safe and secure. To give yourself peace of mind about your doors while you’re off-roading, we’d like to tell you about the best way to store your Jeep’s doors well.

What Not To Do

It’s always helpful to go through a few of the prohibitions first. Casual Jeep owners may be content to prop their doors along the garage wall, wrapping them up in a dirty old comforter for added protection. This is far from a foolproof system, especially if you live someplace where just a little seismic activity is enough to send your doors slipping from their position. Then there are the pool noodles. Jeep owners are a creative bunch, as the endless possibilities of Jeep Wrangler modifications would indicate. Some of the MacGyvers among us have improvised door storage systems with wall hooks wrapped in pool noodles for cushioning. As the foam wears down or the wall hooks turn out to be unstable, though, disaster can strike, and dents can happen.

Start with Responsible Door Removal

Before we find a place to put the doors, we need to get them off the Jeep without hurting them or ourselves. While these conversions can become multiple-person jobs without the right tools, our Jeep door removal kit makes even this heavy lifting a solo endeavor. This removal tool makes taking the doors off a cinch, with no assistance from friends or family necessary. You don’t need to expend lots of time on the task, either. Once the doors are off, all that remains is finding suitable storage.

Store Smart with the Store-a-Door

Perhaps you could say we’re biased, but we believe the Store-a-Door cart from TopLift Pros is the best way to store your Jeep’s doors well through the summer season. This cart performs two important roles in maintaining safe storage: keeping your doors off the floor and away from the bumps and scratches they could take there and keeping them off the wall, where less-than-professional installation could send them crashing down. This cart isn’t just a door-saver; it’s a space-saver, too. It can easily maneuver into a spot in your garage.