The Best Ways To Safely Store Gear in Your Jeep

The Best Ways To Safely Store Gear in Your Jeep - TopLift Pros

If you love taking your 4x4 out for a day of off-roading, the chances are that you’re lugging around quite a lot of gear. This could include repair tools and devices, survival equipment, food, water, and miscellaneous things like bikes. Jeeps are highly capable of tackling rough terrain and holding valuable items. Here are the best ways to safely store gear in your Jeep.

Rack ’Em

Roof racks are important pieces of equipment for adventurous 4x4 vehicle owners. Nearly all models of Jeeps support aftermarket racks, while some special edition versions have them as standard features.

With a storage system on the roof, you can easily tie down supply boxes, crates, or more oversized items like bikes or surfboards. To ensure your gear doesn’t fly off during your off-roading excursion, you should purchase strong straps and sturdy containers.

Hitch ’Em

If you’re looking to bring a significant amount of gear on your trips, such as camping equipment or recovery items, a tail hitch might be the best option for you. These devices fit onto the rear of your Jeep and offer a stable surface for storing objects.

The best gear to tie down on a tail hitch includes tool boxes, food and water supplies, and other survival items. Avoid overly heavy objects like fuel tanks or large containers, as these can disrupt the weight distribution of your car.

Stash ’Em

For shorter off-roading trips, such as day trips, simply stashing your gear in the trunk of your Jeep is perfectly fine. Like the other storage methods on this list, it’s important to use sturdy containers for housing your tools, preferably ones that lock.

You’ll also want to secure these devices in the trunk to avoid flying hazards when the terrain gets rocky. If your car isn’t full of passengers, this is the best option for you.

Ultimately, the best ways to safely store gear in your Jeep depend on your personal preference. Determine which methods work best for you without disrupting your off-roading experience. TopLift Pros carries fantastic 4x4 equipment that’s sure to increase the thrill of hitting the unbeaten path, such as our Jeep door removal tool and door storage devices.