Tips for Keeping Your Jeep Clean in the Winter

Tips for Keeping Your Jeep Clean in the Winter - TopLift Pros

Wranglers and Gladiators were built to get dirty, but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate a messy automobile during the winter season. Thanks to the rain, snow, ice, and road salt, your vehicle takes a beating during the colder months, whether on or off-road. For your convenience, here are three easy and effective tips for keeping your Jeep clean in the winter.

Practice the 10-Day Cleaning Rule

Over time, a car’s exterior accumulates road contaminants. These impurities include mud, sand, water stains, salt, and other debris found on streets or off-roading environments. Unfortunately, automobiles appear dirtier the longer these contaminants are left alone, and they become much more difficult to clean.

In warmer months, this accumulation is relatively slow, making car washes a less frequent requirement. However, during the winter, it’s recommended that you follow the 10-day cleaning rule. Simply wash and dry your vehicle approximately every 10 days, ensuring you reach the undercarriage with pressurized water. By following this rule, your Jeep is less likely to get dirty or show signs of road contamination.

Invest in Quality Floor Mats and Seat Coverings

There are only so many precautions you can take to protect your Jeep’s exterior during the winter, but you have much more control over the condition of the interior. Investing in floor mats for your entire car cabin is the best method for maintaining a clean and orderly environment.

All-weather floor mats prevent moisture damage from impacting your carpets, seating, and more. Additionally, seat coverings are the perfect accessory for avid off-roaders since they retain your seats’ value and even allow you to add more personality to your ride. Just be sure to purchase mats and seat coverings designed specifically for your vehicle’s interior layout.

Apply Auto Wax Often

Another great tip for protecting your vehicle’s exterior during the winter months is to use auto wax often. It’s recommended that you apply a coat of fresh wax after completely drying the surface—for convenience, incorporate waxing into your 10-day cleaning routine. Wax is extremely effective at safeguarding sensitive paint jobs and even preventing minor dents and dings caused by road contaminants.

Simply follow these tips for keeping your Jeep clean in the winter to ensure your ride remains comfortable and functional. When spring rolls around, you’ll be ready for off-roading adventures! Also, order your own Jeep hardtop remover tool from TopLift Pros so you can ditch your roof when the winter weather goes away.