Tips for Off-Roading With Your Jeep's Top Off

Tips for Off-Roading With Your Jeep's Top Off - TopLift Pros

Off-roading without your Jeep’s top on can create a more exhilarating, immersive experience that many avid off-roaders love. However, topless off-roading also poses a few challenges, from increased exposure to the elements to the hardtop removal process. In order to have an enjoyable and safe experience out on the trails, make sure to implement these tips for off-roading with your Jeep's top off.

Know How To Remove and Store Your Top Safely

If your Jeep has a soft top, removing it from the vehicle is as easy as unfastening a few hooks and peeling it back. However, a hardtop is a different story. Often weighing between 90 and 120 pounds or more, hoisting a Jeep hardtop over your head and taking it off without harming yourself or your vehicle can pose a bit of a challenge. 

To remove your hardtop safely, we highly suggest investing in a specialized removal tool. For example, Top Lift Pro’s Jeep roof hoist will allow you to easily remove your hardtop without any assistance in just two minutes or less. Once you have removed the top, make sure to store it in a safe, dry location where it won’t get knocked over and damaged during its time out.

Check the Weather

Before going off-roading without any overhead coverage, there is one very important aspect to consider: the weather. You don’t want to drive far out on the trails only to get pelted with rain, hail, or any other form of adverse weather. In addition to being highly uncomfortable, getting caught out in a storm with your Jeep’s top off can pose a serious safety risk. As such, you should always make sure to check the weather forecast in the area where you plan on off-roading before you decide to remove your Jeep’s top.

Invest in Seat Covers

Another helpful tip for off-roading with your Jeep's top off is to purchase a set of seat coverings. When off-roading without a top, the interior of your Jeep is a bit more exposed. While driving through deep puddles or over mud pits, it’s highly probable that your vehicle may get a bit dirty. To prevent your seats from getting completely destroyed, consider investing in some seat covers. In doing so, your Jeep’s seats will have a much-needed added layer of protection against any water, dirt, salt, sand, or UV rays that they may be exposed to while off-roading topless.