Ways To Increase Visibility While Off-Roading

Ways To Increase Visibility While Off-Roading - TopLift Pros

Navigating through tough terrain and taking on challenging obstacles safely depends on a solid sense of one’s surroundings. In other words, maintaining visibility should be at the top of an off-roader’s priority list. Unfortunately, certain driving conditions can reduce one’s visibility to an unsafe level. To avoid getting into an accident on the trails, implement these effective ways to increase visibility while off-roading.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

In the case that you get caught out in the rain, maintaining visibility is more important than ever. To make sure that you’re able to see obstacles and challenging driving conditions as soon as possible on slick trails, quality windshield wipers are vital.

Over time, however, windshield wipers can harden and become cracked. As a result, they won’t be able to wipe away rain and debris that may fall on your windshield and obstruct your vision. For optimal visibility, make sure to inspect your windshield wipers regularly and promptly replace them if you notice any signs of damage.

Invest in an LED Light Kit

When driving at night, in foggy conditions, in the rain, or any other instance where visibility is low, having a quality lighting setup will prove highly beneficial. While the stock headlights on most Jeeps aren’t necessarily ineffective, they are nothing compared to some aftermarket LEDs. LED headlights at low and high beams offer almost twice the amount of light output as factory headlights, which makes them an ideal choice for improving visibility in low-light scenarios. 

Remove Your Jeep’s Doors and Hardtop

Another way to increase visibility while off-roading is by removing your Jeep’s doors and hardtop. Removing your Jeep’s hardtop and doors will open up your field of vision and remove any pesky obstructions so that you can better see your route.

If you do choose to remove the doors of your Jeep, just make sure to attach the side mirrors to a different location such as the door hinge, windshield pillar, or tube door to ensure that you’re still able to see around and behind your vehicle.

To make the process of removing your Jeep’s doors and hardtop safer and easier, consider utilizing Top Lift Pro’s innovative removal tool. In just two minutes or less, our Jeep hardtop hoist will allow you to easily glide the hardtop off your vehicle and store it without any hassle. To learn more about how our tool can make your off-roading experience more enjoyable, contact us today.