Why Ditch Your Jeep Doors? A Few Fine Occasions To Go Alfresco

Why Ditch Your Jeep Doors? A Few Fine Occasions To Go Alfresco - TopLift Pros

The Jeep Wrangler, unlike so many other SUVs today, actually keeps the sport in Sport Utility. Adjustments over the years have made the Wrangler more city-driving friendly, but it hasn’t lost the tough, all-terrain abilities that made the Jeep a favored vehicle to begin with. It’s simply become more versatile, and those flexible, convertible qualities are what make the Wrangler stand out as different among the horde of different SUVs out there. The convertibility, especially, is one of the prime qualities that keeps people coming back to the Wrangler. As any proud Jeep owner can tell you, there’s nothing quite like removing the top and doors before you go for a cruise. And, while we’re not necessarily advocating sending your doors to Jeep door storage permanently, there are a few great reasons to remove your doors every now and then.

Lightening The Load

Do you have a trailer full of furniture you need to haul? Make sure your load is under the towing capacity to help prevent costly engine issues or other problems. Your owner’s manual can give you a good idea just how much additional weight your specific model and year can handle. If you’re close to the weight limit, or over it, paring down can help you prevent renting a truck. Removing the doors and your hardtop can go surprisingly far toward lightening the load. However, keep in mind that your towing capacity is the weight of your Jeep and everything in the trailer, so this trick won’t work if you’re moving across the country and hauling everything.

You Need To Cool Off

Unless your Jeep is new and you’ve splurged for something more than the base model, odds are good you don’t have air conditioning. Not only does it look cool to remove your doors, the circulating air can help you cool off on those sticky summer days. Keep your top on to provide a bit of shade, but enjoy nature’s help cooling down as you drive. It’s a pretty handy feature on those roasting hot summer days because driving with your doors off allows air to circulate throughout the entire vehicle, not just the upper portion. That means keeping your legs cool, not just your head and shoulders, the way windows rolled down would provide.

Off-Roading Adventures

Now, if you’re a year-round off-roader, you probably have a good understanding of what happens to the trails when the packed up winter snows star melting. Some mountain areas refer to that time of year as “mud month” because of the sheer quantities of muck that exist everywhere. And at that time of year, you may want to leave the doors and top on for your off-roading adventures. But if you’re heading out when the weather is nice, taking your doors off can help you keep cool under the summer sun, whether you leave your top on or not. And, for those of you who like the adrenaline boost that comes from off-roading, removing your doors can heighten those feelings of excitement.

Getting Closer To Nature

Have you seen the vehicles used on African safari trips? Hearty wheels, high clearance, open sides and back, but a roof overhead—yeah, it’s a bit like that. Popping the doors off your Jeep can provide a fresh breeze as you drive, but if you’re venturing out into nature, doorless sides give you a better vantage point. Better yet, if you’re a photographer, professional or hobbyist, this is a great way to capture those shots you might not otherwise find. Just be sure to do a bit of research about your chosen trails so you don’t end up being attacked by branches the whole way because the trail is too narrow.

You Like Fun

Jeep owners form a pretty fun community. And, more often than not, a lot of interactions you may have seen were between total strangers. Owning a Wrangler isn’t just about having a vehicle that can handle a lot, it’s a lifestyle. More specifically, it’s about embracing the culture of fun that can be had when you have a Jeep. Pop the doors off to go for a Sunday drive or take off cross country; either way, it’s just fun. It’s a lot like the feelings of freedom motorcycle owners feel, but with a bit more safety.

The only other trick is ensuring you’ve got the right Jeep door storage so nothing happens to your doors while they hang out in the garage. Learn more about how to store your Jeep doors with the TopLift Pros specialized Jeep door holder. Check it out in our shop!