Why Ford Broncos Are Great for Off-Road Enthusiasts

Why Ford Broncos Are Great for Off-Road Enthusiasts - TopLift Pros

The first Ford Bronco hit the scene in 1966 as an answer to the ever-popular compact SUV, the Jeep CJ-5. It was a massive success, partly thanks to the vehicle’s dependable chassis, short wheelbase, powerful drivetrain, and overall aesthetically cool design. Unfortunately, two-door SUVs declined around the mid-’90s, and Ford shifted focus to the Expedition line of four-door SUVs.

Thankfully, Ford listened to its loyal customers and revitalized the Bronco line with a new release in 2021. This new generation of Ford Broncos is great for off-road enthusiasts, making it a serious threat to the Jeep Wrangler. Read on to learn why the new Bronco is potentially the best 4x4 SUV on the market today.

Off-Road Performance That Rivals a Wrangler (Comparing Base Models)

Think of the most popular off-roading vehicles of all time—cars like the Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Ford Ranger probably come to mind. However, the undisputed most recognizable 4x4 ever produced is the Jeep Wrangler. While it isn’t the highest-performing automobile on the market, the design and off-roading capacities of every Jeep Wrangler generation make this brand the industry standard. So any vehicle with similar specifications and capabilities to the Jeep Wrangler must be of the same quality, right? Yes!

The Ford Bronco is a direct competitor to the Jeep Wrangler and provides a similar driving experience for its loyal customers. The Bronco’s 2.3 liters turbocharged four-cylinder is smaller than the 3.6-liter V-6 found in the Wrangler. However, the turbocharged technology and overall lightweight design of the car give the Bronco just as must power and speed. Both vehicles tow up to 3,500 pounds with the proper equipment and have efficiency ratings right around 20 miles per gallon.

Similar to the Jeep Wrangler, the new Ford Broncos boast superior suspension systems that make them better equipped for rugged terrain and environments. All Broncos feature HOSS (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension) configurations that consist of independent front suspension elements, enhanced ultra-articulating coil springs, and industry-leading dampers (for on and off-road applications). The HOSS system is quite comparable to the legendary four-link suspension found on modern Jeep Wranglers.

Thanks to the Bronco’s recent resurgence within the 4x4 market, Jeep finally has a worthy competitor to drive competition. As you can see, the Ford Bronco shares many of the same desirable and impressive features found on the ever-popular Wrangler. But instead of comparing the similarities of both storied brands, let’s further explore the off-roading capabilities of the Ford Bronco by highlighting unique and key aspects not found elsewhere in the market.

Superior Comfort in Any Environment

Most people don’t associate comfort with off-roading activities. At least, that’s what most automotive manufacturers assume when producing their standard 4x4 all-terrain vehicles. In truth, there is a perfect blend of comfort and power within a car that ensures an optimal driving experience, regardless of the terrain or environment. Luckily, the Ford Bronco is that ideal mixture of luxury and strength!

Unlike other 4x4s on the market, Broncos are off-road race tested, meaning they are exceptionally fast and stable on rugged surfaces. With an upgraded 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6, your Bronco can maintain a comfortable and reliable pace while exploring various trains, inclines, and other obstacles. The short wheelbase measurements and all-terrain tires also assist with trail stability and speed.

However, the Ford Bronco’s Trail Control driving mode is perhaps the greatest feature. This system helps control the vehicle’s speed up to around 20 MPH while traversing off-road. This automatic assistant allows drivers to focus on one overlanding aspect at a time (steering), ensuring a safer and more successful experience. Overall, the Trail Control driving mode makes the Ford Bronco an ideal off-roading vehicle for everyone, but especially newcomers or individuals with young families!

Family Friendly

Yes, the Ford Bronco is a fantastic family vehicle! Mainly, the Bronco accommodates young families by offering four-door configurations, superior cabin space, and plenty of desirable safety features. Among these features is the Ford Co-Pilot 360 Assist, which helps automate cruise control, lane centering, evasive steering, and advanced navigation. While this element isn’t active during off-road driving, it ensures everyone in the car gets to and from the location in one piece. Just because you have a young family doesn’t mean you can’t invest in an awesome, powerful, and recreationally fun off-roading 4x4 like the Ford Bronco!

Open-Air Configurations

The Ford Bronco is one of the few open-air 4x4 SUVs currently on the market. Quite obviously, this special feature replicates a more traditional overlanding driving experience similar to a high-performance UTV from the comfort of your own daily driver! With the help of a convenient Bronco hardtop hoist, you can quickly pop the roof component off and enjoy your off-roading adventure like a true motorsport enthusiast.

Many individuals who have never owned a droptop vehicle often wonder how these automobiles perform in adverse, potentially messy environments. Luckily, the Ford Bronco is equipped with premium interior materials designed to withstand a day spent spinning mud. After an off-roading excursion, simply hose down your all-weather-resistant seating, allow time for drying, and your interior is good as new! You can also remove the Ford Bronco’s door components, creating an even more thrilling driving experience. Just ensure you follow your state’s specific laws regarding side door mirrors and open-air vehicles.

Ultimately, the Ford Bronco is one the most recognizable and iconic vehicles in American cultural history. Therefore, its most recent models will surely attract many consumers, especially thrill-seeking overlanders! Thanks to the many technological advancements and premium features of this unique 4x4 SUV, it’s clear that Ford Broncos are great for off-road enthusiasts.

But even more importantly, this automobile can absolutely function as the ideal daily driver for an individual or young family. Because of this versatility, the Bronco is far and away one of the more compelling vehicles on the market today. To ensure your Ford Bronco ownership experience is perfect, consider our quality accessories and tools from our team at TopLift Pros. We carry door storage carts, roof hoists, and more for convenience—browse our selection today!

Why Ford Broncos Are Great for Off-Road Enthusiasts