Why Homeowners Love The TopLift Pro

Why Homeowners Love The TopLift Pro - TopLift Pros

It’s no longer a secret that Jeep® owners everywhere are turning to the TopLift Pro as their weapon of choice for trustworthy, efficient Jeep® hardtop removal and storage. For today’s blog, though, here at TopLift Pros, we wanted to outline exactly what our homeowners have to say about the TopLift Pro and how its benefits go above and beyond when compared to the myriad of other variations of Jeep® hardtop storage options available today.


Why Homeowners Love The Top Lift Pro


No More Drilling Holes


Whether it’s drilling holes in the ceiling to mount your complex contraption for removing your Jeep Wrangler®’s hardtop or it’s drilling holes in the wall for installing brackets to store your Jeep Wrangler® Doors, the other forms of Jeep® hardtop removal and Jeep® hardtop storage can take a toll on your garage. While making customizations to your garage for the sake of more space and better functionality is certainly not an issue for most homeowners, it shouldn’t be necessary when it comes to your Jeep®’s components!


With the TopLift Pro, homeowners can take pride in having one simple-to-use device that will not only serve as an efficient Jeep® hardtop removal system, but will also serve as a reliable Jeep® hardtop storage option — all without having to break out the drill and puncture holes throughout your home.


No More Complicated Instructions

When we were going about designing the TopLift Pro, we looked at the other types of Jeep® hardtop hoists that were currently on the market, and we realized they all had one thing in common: they came with a novel’s worth of instructions for assembly and successfully operating them.


That’s why we designed our Jeep® hardtop hoist, the TopLift Pro, to be incredibly easy to assemble. We even outlined how to assemble the TopLift Proin a previous blog.


No More Team Effort Required

Outside of the old-fashioned method of loosening the bolts, getting in the trunk, and lifting up your Jeep® hardtop by hand, there are no Jeep® hardtop hoists that allow you to single-handedly remove your Wrangler’s roof — let alone with minimal effort like the TopLift Pro.


Homeowners who opted for the TopLift Pro for their Jeep® now rejoice as they no longer have to wait on their other family members to get home in order to get their top off and go for a cruise. Sure, the days of working as a team to remove your Jeep® hardtop might have been a great bonding experience, but wouldn’t you rather be able to do it yourself anytime, anywhere?


No More Cluttered Garages

Thanks to the TopLift Pro, homeowners are also reaping the benefit of more spacious, decluttered garages. This is because the TopLift Pro provides a reliable Jeep® hardtop storage solution that keeps floor space freed up, and it also doesn’t require hanging the top awkwardly from the ceiling or breaking out a bunch of tools to operate.


No More Putting Jeep® Hardtops At Risk

Last but not least, homeowners can now safely remove and store their hardtop without every questioning the reliability of the equipment they are trusting with such an expensive piece of their vehicle.

If you want to join the other homeowners and Jeep® owners nationwide who have opted for simple, effective Jeep® hardtop removal and hardtop storage, order your TopLift Pro today.