Why Jeep Wranglers Avoid Depreciation

Why Jeep Wranglers Avoid Depreciation - TopLift Pros

Why Jeep Wranglers Avoid Depreciation

Vehicles are known for their poor investment potential, often losing a significant portion of their value as soon as they leave the car dealership lot. However, there are a few vehicles that defy such odds and can stand the test of time exceptionally well. Near the top of this elite list is none other than the Jeep Wrangler. While most cars lose around 60 percent or more of their initial value in five years, Jeep Wranglers slice that number in half, losing only around 30 percent. The question is, how? To learn why Jeep Wranglers avoid depreciation so well, continue reading.

They are extremely durable

Perhaps the main reason why Jeep Wranglers avoid depreciation so well is because of their durability. Known as the quintessential off-roading vehicle, Jeep Wranglers are designed to stand up to even the harshest environments—from rugged terrain to deep snow. In other words, they can take a beating. Such durability translates directly into their low depreciation rate. Because Jeep Wranglers’ performance isn’t likely to deteriorate, neither is their value.

Long lifespan

Because Jeep Wranglers typically last longer than most vehicles, they hold their value for longer as well. While most cars last up to 150,000 miles before conking out, decently cared-for Jeep Wranglers can last far longer—often up to 200,000 miles. When a Jeep Wrangler receives frequent maintenance and proper care, it can even last up to a whopping 400,000 miles.

Their stellar reputation speaks volumes

The incredible reputation of Jeep Wranglers likely has a little something to with why they hold their value so well. Having developed an almost cult-like following, Jeep Wranglers are revered for their durability and exceptional off-roading capabilities.

Due to the large community of avid Jeep enthusiasts, Jeep Wranglers are always in demand, which causes their value to stay high despite their age. Even old models with extremely high numbers on their odometer are often sought after by Jeep enthusiasts eager to get their hands on a piece of Jeep history.

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