Why Jeeps Are Ideal Off-Roading Vehicles

Why Jeeps Are Ideal Off-Roading Vehicles - TopLift Pros

Many car manufacturers produce high-performance 4x4s suitable for any terrain. But when you think about off-roading, chances are, you think of Jeep. This automobile company has created iconic off-roaders since the 40s, and to this day, many enthusiasts prefer the Wrangler, Gladiator, or Renegade over all other makes and models.

Do you ever wonder why Jeeps are ideal off-roading vehicles? Why are they so popular? Here are three reasons why this car company stands out among its competitors.

Short Wheelbase

A short wheelbase means both the rear and front wheels are closer together, especially compared to other cars. This setup allows for quicker, tighter turns.

The Jeep Wrangler features a wheelbase of 96.8 to 118.5 inches. The Gladiator sports one that’s 137.3 inches and the Renegade has one that’s 101.2 inches. What do these numbers mean? Well, the wheelbase of a two-door Wrangler is typically four feet shorter than comparable SUVs. That difference in length has a significant impact on off-roading performance, making Jeep better with stability when off-roading.

Superior Suspension

Jeep vehicles feature a solid axle design, which is preferred for off-roading. A solid axle runs straight from each side of the vehicle. While most 4x4s have this setup, Jeep has been using this suspension system for decades.

This design is more durable and less likely to suffer damage from hazardous terrain. As its name suggests, this is because it’s more solid and requires fewer parts to fix if it needs repairs.

Hardy Drivetrain

Have you ever seen videos of a Jeep somehow defying the laws of physics and driving vertically up a rock face? Well, this feat is possible thanks to a hardy drivetrain. This system consists of the transmission, driveshaft, axles, and wheels.

It works with the engine to supply the wheels with power. You want a powerful drivetrain when off-roading, and Jeep consistently outfits their 4x4s with the very best technology.

It’s easy to see why Jeeps are ideal off-roading vehicles, due to the brand’s commitment to producing quality 4x4s. If you want to modify your Jeep to make it that much better, consider TopLift Pros’ Jeep hardtop cover and lift tools. The potential for customization is a big reason why so many consumers love these vehicles.