Why the TopLift Pro Outperforms Every Other Jeep Hardtop Hoist

Why the TopLift Pro Outperforms Every Other Jeep Hardtop Hoist - TopLift Pros

For many Jeep owners, a Jeep is more than just a source of transportation. It’s a connection to the great outdoors and a means for exploration. Owning a Jeep is a lifestyle, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when owners take maintenance very seriously. Wanting the best of the best when it comes to gear and modifications is to be expected. When car owners are set on getting the best Jeep hardtop hoist, they get the TopLift Pro.

The Best Jeep Top Lift on the Market

When we set out to deliver a new product to the world of jeepers, we took into consideration all of the things we wanted out of a hardtop hoist for our Jeeps and brought it to life with the TopLift Pro.

The following are the areas in which the TopLift Pro reigns supreme as the best Jeep hardtop hoist and leaves its other Jeep hardtop hoist counterparts in the dust:


The following are the areas in which the TopLift Pro leaves its other Jeep hardtop hoist counterparts in the dust:


With the TopLift Pro, there is no complex assembly required as is typical with most Jeep hardtop hoists that involve mounting items to the ceiling or walls and fidgeting with intricate pulley systems. It also doesn’t involve having to be modified in order to remove the top off of different Jeeps. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution for removing hard tops on lifted Jeeps of any size as well as all two-door and-four door Wrangler models.

Another factor of simplicity with the TopLift Pro is the lack of the need for modify your Jeep in order to make it work for you. Many Jeep hardtop hoists of today still require you to drill holes, scratch, or otherwise damage your hardtop in order to set them up. The TopLift Pro is the only certain method of Jeep hardtop removal that will not involve the risk of ruining the pristine condition of what we know is not a cheap roof.


When it comes to the overall amount of time taken out of your day removing your hardtop or simply dealing with your Jeep hardtop hoist in general, the TopLift Pro takes the cake.

Even with all of the high-tech physics that are used in your modern Jeep hardtop hoist, they can’t work as quickly as the TopLift Pro, and they often times take multiple people to even operate in a relatively quick manner. All it takes with your TopLift Pro is four simple steps — prepare, position, push, and store. We pride ourselves in offering the only Jeep hardtop removal solution that can be done solo in two minutes or less. You can read more about how simple and efficient the TopLift Pro is to use in our step-by-step guide.


This is one area where there is no competition. In fact, we are yet to come across another Jeep hardtop hoist that is standalone, better yet able to be taken on the road. The TopLift Pro gives you the ultimate freedom as taking off your hardtop isn’t limited to the confines of your garage. When you’re on a road trip or vacation a long ways from home and you notice the weather is extra nice that day, you can break out your TopLift Pro and be cruising in the open, fresh air in a matter of minutes.

Since our Jeep hardtop hoist is a standalone unit, you can rest assured that your roof and even your doors are safely protected from the elements and damage from the ground. Even if you’re out in the wild off-roading and decide one particular rail is better suited for a topless ride, you can take your top off, enjoy the ride, then come back and reapply your hardtop before heading to the next destination. Your hardtop will be safe on our hardtop hoist while you are off enjoying your Jeep; even when left on rugged, uneven surfaces.



In terms of the quality of Jeep hardtop hoists, the TopLift Pro is in a class all of its own. Made in America from our Florida shop, each TopLift Pro is made of high-grade stainless steel that is rust resistant and guaranteed to last a lifetime — especially when you add the TopLift Pro cover in with your purchase. Most of your standard Jeep hardtop hoists are made of cable or rope pulleys that will require replacement after a few short years of usage in order to lessen the likelihood of them snapping and sending your precious hardtop falling to the floor or onto your Jeep.


The TopLift Pro is also a much safer option for a Jeep hardtop hoist than those that incorporate the pulley system. Many of these hoists can snap or easily come out of the ceiling if one aspect of their complex instruction manuals is missed. When it comes to protecting you, your family, and of course your Jeep’s hardtop, would you rather trust a cable suspending it up in the air or a heavy-duty, well-constructed lift?

With all this being said, if you arrived here in search for the best Jeep top hoist for stress-free hardtop removal, you are certainly in the right place. We hope that this blog has helped you to fully grasp the revolutionary idea behind the TopLift Pro to provide our fellow Jeep owners with a simple, safe, fast, and portable option for Jeep hardtop removal.

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